Visually appealing scaping

@SizzleFun has been detailing his build process in this thread: A Saltwater Rookie's 180 gallon tank build - #19 by SizzleFun

His most recent post, as of writing this, was about aquascaping. I was reminded of something I came across some time ago about using Fibonacci sequences and how they are appealing to our brains for some reason. I knew I wrote something about it at one point and I found it…

Be warned… this is my super old website and it is pretty embarrassing. Part way down the page is the talk of Fib. numbers.

I’m going to re-write this at some point and put it on my current website.

That’s awesome on multiple levels. Timeless information for aquascaping and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your other tanks. Didn’t know about the Reef Angel open source aquarium controller but probably would have messed around with one if I was in the hobby at the time.

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I still run the Reef Angel to this day. Rock damn solid controller.