We are on Facebook

I have been playing on their for a few months and have found a lot of old friend from grade school and my past. I also noticed the amount of people from Delaware and figured it would be an easy way to let people find our club.
I just put it up and have not added anything yet, but here it is

When you said we, I thought you meant there was a facebook group for the DRC. I’d be hesitant to sign up for a group like that. All those people I tick off could find out my info and hunt me down, lol.

Found a frag swap with out looking for one:

Try searching for “frag swap” though and come up with some interesting stuff.

I guess I should try to remember my Facebook login and pw now… I’ve been getting messages for about a year now of people adding me, man they must all think I’m a jerk.

I hate facebook and myspace. Personally I think it’s for people who can’t make friends or crazy stalker serial killer/pedifles. But that is my own opinion :stuck_out_tongue: I do agree though, anyway to get more members is always a plus. Jon, just don’t give out your address or where you work! Haha.

I like facebook because if I don’t know you, you can’t see anything about me. I found friends who lived near me when I was 10 and all my old friends from grade school. Kind of neat to see what they are all in to

I’ve had trouble finding some of my old friends. Problem is with a name like, David Edwards, you get a million hits. Would be easier if people always posted their picture instead of random other pics in their profile. It also makes it difficult when you haven’t seen their face in 15 years.