Weird tube like algea... help identify please

Hello, I have had a weird looking algea for awhile now and I have not been able to determine the type. If anyone could help that would be great. I think this stuff leached out of my algea scrubber which has a more tough fine stringy algea that looks like cheeto but is not cheeto. Sorry for any duped photos, I couldn’t select all at the same time.


I would have guessed chaeto. Why do you say it isn’t?

I thought so at first specially the stuff from my other tank.where it originally was. I showed pictures around a few shops but no one knew what it was and said I do not think its cheeto when I asked. The other tank it took fluconozol and an urchin, 4 turbos to get it out.

Anyone that has experience with algea scrubbers , would you know if too full or even if not full. Will the algea escape out to the scubber into the tank? I assume this would be true as the water could carry spores out or there is just an abundance of resources.

I have chaeto in my algae reactor. It definitely gets out. You’re using a scrubber though, like from Santa Monica Scrubbers?

It could be green gracilaria. The stalks kinda look like it, but that usually has a base it grows from.

Reducing lights which is tough given it’s not strong or atleast I think not strong. Kessel a80 on a 10g 5 inch off the water. There is also a very thick hair algea. I know I am just growing an algea reef.

While in my 45g I have pushed back the dinos but have a nasty bubble algea outbreak. I’m too scared to pluck at it but now I see little bubbles everywhere

I’ve felt that way before too :laughing: Can you get the rocks out? A quick spritz of peroxide will knock it back in a hurry. Just do a little at a time.

I cant and because o have delayed it’s almost on every rock. I have a triple threat atm about 1.5 years in. I have dinos, bubble algea , and ich. I cant catch the fish either so I’m kinda stuck. I have a 45g JbJ AIO but I think if it all fails I’m removing the sand and rock to restart. But trying to learn as much as I can and hopefully i can prevent that. I decided i needed to attack the dinos first , then the bubble algea. After that i can assess the ich issue if any fish are left by then. It’s a tough road but not tough enough to stop me.

How much would it cost for someone to come service my tank and remove the bubble algea. Does anyone know who could do this? I’m in the middletown area of mid Delaware

Get your thumbs wet and dive in. What kind of clean up crew do you have emerald crabs love bubble algae and some snails along with hermits as well

I personally have no issue with dicing in but my right arm is disabled so it is very hard in general. I habe 2 emerald crabs that I have never seen touch it. I have 7 hermits, 3 turbo snails , I hope I still have 5 nassarrius snails. The bubble algea is spreading like a wild fire. This is the one algea that seems to not have a cure outside of pulling it out manually. I have read when you do this it creates more spores so you have to suck the water out around it at the same time. I can’t do this because of my arm. A reefing friend says his just went away. Would water changes weekly accomplish this. I have not done a water change in 4 weeks while I have battled dinos back. I was going to try and get the algea and water change at the same time but it appears that I am unable to do that. The wife is saying she can’t help with this task lol. Not sure what to do. Buy 30 emerald crabs ? At this point I’d actually do it if anyone would like any after they are done.

Take a look at Vibrant. It does actually work. I would do it at half the recommended dosage though.

I am not familiar with BA removal other then manual. But I did just do a quick read on vibrant and it seems if dosed right it can definitely make a impact on the BA.

I can try that I have a bottle and ill order another one as well. I originally stopped using it because when I did I got dinos after the algeawent away so I stopped killed the dinos but this BA got in on a frag. Now its everywhere lol

Would you advise that during this time it would be better to do more frequent smaller sized water changes or fewer but larger ?

I can’t remember what Vibrant says about water changes. I’d follow any recommendation they have, otherwise I’d just do the usual.

so an update for me on my algea farm lol. The weird tube like algea is gone from my 10 gal. Got 5 crabs 2 turbo snail.pulled out a ton of it, and been keeping the drop in scrubber cleaned out. So far it has been gone and all algea in the tank is going down fast.

45 AIO Main display.
My wife agree to help in a limited fashion , so last saturday I pulled out as much bubble algea as I could. My wife lana scooped any that got away out with a net and was siphoning behind me. It looks way better but its still In there bad. It is starting to come back now with bigger bubbles. I plan to do another manual clean up of this BA again. I have been adding vibrant for 2 weeks now. No changes noticed. It does appear to have dinos coming back or some sort of film slime coming in.

Now to my latest algea hahah
My 40g breeder has been running for 4 weeks now and is really ugly. As expected but I am not really sure how to come back from the cycle or get rid of this out break. Any suggestions

Progress in the right direction!

Vibrant causes cyanobacteria blooms in the early days. It eventually goes away.

Is this tank cycling? Why did I think this tank was up and running…?

yeah I think that is why I stopped vibrant before. I’ll keep it up a few months and see.

The 40 breeder I just put pictures up for. You may have thought it cycled because I thought it was good after 2 weeks running. Parameters seemed good. That’s when I added the nem because I thought it was dying. Then it was chopped up via that blue power head. Then it went downhill from there. Right now it looks really bad. I have some super cheap zoa in there as a test before the nem. They are still there but the tank looks bad. Its either diatoms,dinos, or cyano but I can not tell. Not sure what to do but wait I guess a few weeks and stay on top of maintance and water changes.

So the 40 breeder is just covered now with brown and reddish surface algea.

The stats are
40g , 25g sump
Running 4 weeks
Nitrate 0
Ammonia 0
Dkh 6.1
Ph 8.15
Temp 77
Salinity 1.026
Po4 .08

Ph is high for me , most my tanks sit around 7.95
My dkh is always low between 6 and 8 mostly 7.

What should I be doing here?

My main display is
45g jbj AIO
Running 13 months
Ammonia 0
Nitrate 5
Po4 .07
Dkh alk 6.8
Ph 7.8
Salinity 1.025
Temp 76

My calc is high over 520 I just th I nk my salt is that high and nothing takes it out. I thought the reading were bad but after several tests on 2 kits its still reads over 530. I think it has to do with the balance of other elements.

Should I add something for alk. I want to do a two part but not sure what brand. Was thinking red sea products so I can use more of their other brands as well smoothly. Also considered making my own soda ash.

My main goal right now is get the tanks cleaned up, clean glass, clean and clear water with stable parameters. Just not sure how. I have been focusing on nutrient removal and algea removal to start. I’m dosing 5 mls of vibrant each week after a 10% wc

Which salt are you running?