Welcome Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

I’d like to welcome Brett and the crew from ATM to our little corner of the reef.

You’ve seen their tanks and you’ve seen their show “Tanked” now you get to ask them questions and have them answer personally. We’re extremely fortunate to have them agree to join us and I look forward to hearing about the excitement and difficulties of doing their jobs for national television.

Welcome guys can’t wait to get the behind the scenes scoop ;D

I am wondering if in any of the upcoming programs or somwhere in the future, would you be showing the process of how the acrylic is put together to form a finished tank. Especially the actual welding of the seams.
And in case you have already done this in a previous episode, I have only been able to catch the first two, please disregard my question.

welcome to the forum! I am wondering if you have any more jokes to play on your partner? the hot sauce down the straw was hilarious! his face was priceless :-?


And I too enjoyed the pranks

Welcome, I was fortunate to see a 750 Gallon L shaped tank you built for a customer in Maryland, it was built for sharks and I hear he may be ready for a much larger one soon! Looking forward to learning more about this great hobby.

I finally got over to there web site and man you guys haven’t even shown nothing yet on the show. you guys have done some things people only dream about like that house in Scotland where you built a house around the tank.Sick!!! Think thats pretty much everyones dream come true. I tried to check out exotic reef imports but unfortunately they don’t deal with the public, would loved to check out a place like that. Pretty amazing stuff you guys do, your true masters at your craft love the show and will continue to support my fellow New Yorkers :Welcome) P.S. How do I get one of those cool ATM Magnet glass cleaners?

so here’s 2 questions: since they are acrylic tanks, how does the owner keep the sides so clean without any scratches? or does the tank automatically lead to maintenance?
what i’ve seen has been almost no corals/clams/inverts, just fish in the setups. Reason?
and youre very generous to share the time w/ us

First I like to say is I love the show. I know the show just started, but will we be seeing any more reef build? like the Fung Shui one. Love that tank.

Also, I see you guys using tap water straight out of the tap. Can you please explain if you guy treating the water at all for aquarium use? if so how? Thanks

+1 on the ATM Magnet glass cleaners

welcome ATM! love the show and love the work you do!

Welcome guys, great to have ya here, love the show and have not missed it yet ::thumbsup::

:Welcome) BoNg

Are these clowns really sponsors? Just saying…

[quote=“JustSumGuy, post:12, topic:4631”]
Are these clowns really sponsors? Just saying…[/quote]


so then…
in theory…
all of these questions and comments that were posted are pretty much like writing a letter to Santa???

Pretty much so… I haven’t heard from Santa either. But i guess ATM has a new season coming. They are advertising for clients to propose new and strange tanks for them to build and film. I would like to see them build a Krissel type tank for raising Jelly fish? or for raising pelagic spawning fish. like tangs.

Or how about a Clam Spawning system. to collect and grow the free floating larvae, settling them on substrate, and growing clams. Needs lots of live green water supply.

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[quote=“JustSumGuy, post:12, topic:4631”]
Are these clowns really sponsors? Just saying…[/quote]



[quote=“JustSumGuy, post:12, topic:4631”]
Are these clowns really sponsors? Just saying…[/quote]

I have to agree, their fish keeping methods are terrible and the way they stock tanks makes me sick, epecially since the whole world is seeing what NOT to do!

The new season starts in april 14

Lets open this up 15 months later to show the proof is in the pudding.