Welcome Clownfish Sushi

Please welcome DRC’s newest sponsor Clownfish Sushi www.clownfishsushi.com!!!

Not only do they breed some of the finest ornamental clown fish, they do so locally!!

Welcome, and thank you for your support.

:Welcome) PoM YahoO GolfC BoNg :BEER


i am in need of a nice clownfish so i will definitely be checking you out

Thank you so much for the warm welcomes!

(I’d like to point out that I’ve been a card carrying member of the DRC for over two years now!)Â >LOL<

It’s me, Jason. I’ve been posting as “RCA” and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting dozens of you at meetings, volunteering with some of you at the local food bank, helping move some of your tanks, sharing box seats at the Blue Rocks games, swapping frags with so many of you but I think most members recognize me for the breeding thread I started a few years back:

“Picasso Clownfish Breeding Project”

I’m pleased to announce that my breeding project is moving into its next phase… Clownfish Sushi! It’s been tough keeping quiet about the website I’ve been developing over the last 3 months and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you!


The website launched this weekend and I would sincerely appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have to help improve the experience for my friends and customers. I’d also be very grateful if you would “Like” the site via the Facebook link so that others can hear about it.

I’m proud to be a part of the local DRC community and I’d like to extend an open invitation for any of you that would like a tour of my breeding setup or to select a fish in person before making a purchase.

Thanks again,

Congrats Jason ::thumbsup::

:Welcome) Clownfishsushi.com

Thank you for being a sponsor and Congrats and good luck on the new venture, It was fun watching you start and now getting to the point where you are able to offer select grade A specimens.

Congrats and Welcome Jason!! ::thumbsup::