Welcome Mr. Coral

Please welcome DRC’s newest sponsor Mr. Coral!!! :Welcome)

Mr. Coral can be found online at www.mrcoral.com offering some of the finest coral colonies this far north of Florida!!!

Please take a moment to see they’re offerings. When ordering if you mention you are a member of the DRC you will receive a 20% discount off of their coral colonies*


*Offer can not be combined with other offers, may not apply to sale or clearance merchandise, excludes prior sales and orders.

welcome mr. coral!! ive been following you guys closely. great deals and your 10$ section is amazing! best idea in reefing since the mag float hahaha.

Welcome to our club nice to have ya here.

welcome to DRC!! love the 10$ section!

just looked at their stuff, pretty nice. and thats the lowest i’ve seen for free shipping. Will have to order some corals once i get the lights.

good to have you aboard. like that minimum for shipping free also.

:Welcome) Thank you, for your sponsorship! It looks like you have some great stuff.

:Welcome) we appreciate your support! :BEER

Thanks everyone!!

Welcome! I recall getting some great stuff from you at the NJRC frag swap a couple years back. Couldn’t miss your SUV parked out in the lot. Nice Paint job!

OK, here is a taste of early evening corals!! All $10.00

the third acan is sold to me, the fifth picture. SOLD!

and gonna get a couple more of those $10 specials.

Anytime y’all want to do a roadtrip, be sure to let me know when you’ll be there - cause Mr. Coral is now my LFS … :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr Coral, would you guys have any GARF purple bonzai?

I have my own Version at the farm

Late night Crowd!!

Here it is enjoy!!! It is $10!!! 2 eyes!!

I’d love to have this… is it possible to hold it for a group order? are we doing a group order??? if not, good luck to whoever gets this beauty!

Love the $10 section also! It would be great if we could get a monthly order going to coincide with meeting time.

[quote=“MrCoral, post:17, topic:3767”]
Late night Crowd!!

Here it is enjoy!!! It is $10!!! 2 eyes!!


ive tried to ask mr coral a few questions, but i don’t get any responses. there’s a few people who want in on a group buy. it seems like it’d be a fairly large order. pls reply to the email or the pm, and we can get some things moving. i still would like that acan on the previous page. early morning riser here.

holy crap, if theres a group but let me know…very nice pieces