what can break on a maxijet 900?

i was supper excited today that i finally had time to set up my 12 gallon nano cube dx but of course like everything there is a slight problem… i did a 10 gallon w/c on my 90 in order to put cycled water into the nanon cube. i got the water in got the sand in and decided to plug in themaxi jet 900 that was being used as a pump to pump the water back up into the tank because the previous owner took out the filtration system… i was a little confused as to why someone would do that but i figured id use the back as a refugium… well anyways the maxi jet doesnt work and i was wondering if theres anyway to fix it… it seems like its not pumping at all… the impellor is spinning and i checked it over and there is nothing visably wrong with it (i know with like the marine land filters the impellors go quite frequently) so what all is can break on a maxi jet 900? i would just go buy another one but seeing as though i spent all my money on my other tank and keeping my animals fed… im broke… so does anyone know how to fix a maxi jet? i have a korila from my 20 g qt tank running on it now so that the water wont go stagment
Thanks for any advice in advance!

wow congrats on starting a nano!!! I love my nano’s… on the other hand, you took out the impeller? checked no algae is clogging? how old is it?

Congrats on the tank, I agree with michaelangelo the impeller may be broke will still kinda spin but will not under pressure. See if the impeller will continously spin while holding the magnet.

i do not know how old it is seeing as i bought it used the impeller still spins and even when i plug it in i still can feel it spinning but it just seems like it doesnt have enough force 2 move the water or something i would be able 2 get an impeller from petkare except idk if we carry the correct one most of the impellers that we carry are for marinelands i know other stores may have it but well like i said im broke i spent my last 5$ on a pack of cigs this morning (2 many expensive addictive hobbys) if we do have the right one at petkare i could atleast pay the owner when he pays me so ill have to look and try the impeller otherwise ill have to wait until wednesday when i get paid and see if premium has a maxijet 900 that i can use seeing as though it fits down there rather well

also do u know if the tank will run fine without the primary filtration sytem i was planning on running it with some chateo (Cant spell it) in the backwhere the filtration system should be

maybe im misreading this, but are you saying your using a maxijet 900 as a return pump? if so your not going to get much flow at 4ft of head if at all.

well its returning it from the back bottom of the tank to the top of the tank where the return should be with the stock filtration system but i do not have the stock filtration system it was takin out i think the maxi jet is more just for flow down there than anything else

[quote=“TimH07, post:6, topic:1991”]
maybe im misreading this, but are you saying your using a maxijet 900 as a return pump? if so your not going to get much flow at 4ft of head if at all.[/quote]

On a nano cube the maxijet will only be pushing about 12" up. there is no sump, the filtration/fuge is at the same elvels as the DT but it is kept in the back behind a partition.

You can run cheato in the rear compartment and use it as a fuge instyead of with the stock filtration.

 Guys not sure what the max hight on a 900 is but I use a mini jet which is a 404 as a ATO pump. It sits in the bottom od a 40 gallon trash can and the return line comes out of the trash can about 8 inches. It will still pump when the trash can is 3/4 empty so thats about 3 feet. Would imagine a 900 would do 24 inches with no problem. Still think the impellor sounds like it's broke away from the magnet. Which the impeller will turn as the magnet turns but will not have any pressure behind it cause it's just free spinning.

maxijet specs.

Model V/Hz Wattage Max Flow Max Pumping Height Dimensions
MP400 120V/60Hz 5W 106gph (400lph) 29" 3.5" L x 2" W x 3.00" H
MP600 120V/60Hz 7.5W 160gph (600lph) 53" 3.5" L x 2" W x 3.00" H
MP900 120V/60Hz 8.5W 230gph (870lph) 46" 3.5" L x 2" W x 3.25" H
MP1200 120V/60Hz 20W 295gph (1110lph) 69" 3.5" L x 2" W x 3.25" H

Hey Ken is that a typo or does the 900 have a lower max height than the 600?

not sure. thats the way i copied the chart from Marinedepot s site. I have used the 1200s for sump pumps. they can deliver about 200 gph at 3 foot head. enough to go from sump to tank. in fact i have one doing that now from my 75 sump to a 30 gallon fuge on a stand next to the tank.