what is a good ballest box

i am going to make a light ballest box and do some wiring. I would like to know what you would suggest for the ballest box. i will have 4 ballest in it and need deminsions to be around15 inches long by 4 inches high and 4/6 inches deep these are approximate deminsions. what you guys use? any lowes or home depot items you know of?

Wood? Not sure ballasts can get hot, but probably fine if they are spaced off of the wood. I was planning on trying to find something that would function as a heat sink to bolt to wood then bolt the ballasts to it.

DEPENDING ON THE WATTAGE THEY CAN GET REALLY WARM. My metal hailide ballest box get hand burning warm. i will be buying a metal box. i was thinking a army navy ammo can. metal and closable latched lid but rather see all options out there. i also seen a metal box at electric supply store but pricey for what i am making

You can do a remote ballast down under the stand and not worry about making a box.

I would go remote. A box can lead to heating issues which will shorten the life of ur ballasts

ok i am a dumb a@@ remote ballest means just strap to underside of cabinet and wire up? tacky!!! will be getting multi stranded wire and making the runs from box to make only 1 cable to top of tank instead of having all wires show

Remote simply means not part of the fixture. Im not sure what lighting you have, or what your configuration is, but i can give you a couple of pointers.

If you have a canopy and your doing T5 i would mount the ballasts to the back of the canopy. No wires and if you have to take off the canopy the ballasts go with it. If you doing MH, i would mount them under the stand and then maybe do a wallfish with a quick disconnect.

More details.

Sure you need 4 ballast? Most T5 ballasts I’ve used can run two bulbs at 48". I usually mount my ballast on the fixture though admiringly currently one of mine is just sitting next to the tank.

yeah, need a little more info on ballasts and loads. i like to keep mine ventilated to keep them cool for longer life. some are hotter than others. I make a long thin box for my two VHO ballasts on a hood. make it out of 1/4 inch luan, glue together with epoxy . then paint. leave them open at the ends with a removable top/front 90 degree piece that justsits on it. for appearance. painted rustoleum white. I mount the ballasts to the back plate on a little inch square of luan to keep air space under it. for cooling.

ok thanks guys i will pst pic tomorrow of canopy. just mounted all in canopy. with switches and pig tails.

Ken, your all about that rustoleum white

Yes I am. Rustoleum Glossy White is very reflective and stands up to salt water splashing very well. other paints will peel and flake off. in your tank.

He use rustoleum ever since he used up the last of his lead base white glossy paint.

Lead… Low Lead… No Lead… Asbestos? Don’t matter much as long as it does the job and most important, stays in place.