What size return pump should i use for my 92

I have a quiteone 1200 now. That is rated at about 296 gph. I think that is way too low. Should I get a 3000 796 gph or bigger. I also have 4 power heads (3 #2 Korlia (sp) and 1 #4).

It’s on the 55g right? And you’re using an over flow box? How many GPH is the box rated for? I think a lot of people push too much water up and down all the time. I think it comes from manufactures trying to push their large pumps and LFS sales man trying to sell bigger pumps.

Remind me again about you’re set up and we’ll talk more about specifics.

No its Craigs old reef ready 92gallon.

Ah! That’s right. Sorry my memory is slow. Do you know what you’re head hight is?


Head height should be about 5’ - I ran a 1500 lph (never did the gph conversion) pump for a year or so, but always thought it could have been more.

I swapped it out for a mag 9.5 shortly before breaking it down and noticed a considerable difference. I was very pleased with the results of the mag (pushes 950 gph at 0 head).

Your tank is huge, both being very deep and very tall. If you aim the return directly at the front glass you can get pretty chaotic flow as the water bounces off of everything in front of it but you need a pump that will push the water out hard enough to do that.

If I were to have that tank back myself -I wouldn’t run anything smaller then the mag9.5.

I dont know how i messed up the chart Jon gave me. I thought the 3000 would be good. I ordered the darn thing. I am going to send it back and get the next one (quietone 4000).

I’d reccomend going with the High head version.