What to chop up, cut up, slice, dice, blend, or frag?

I’m just curious what you guys might like to see chopped up in future meetings? Anything particular you’ve been thinking about cutting up, but haven’t had the guts to do it and would rather see someone else attach another one before you go at your prized possession? I have cut up hundreds of corals in the past and I know how paranoid I was to start.

Any requests?

i’d like a purple rimed yellow monti

acans. and also shrooms, b/c i’m not sure if i have to cut through the mouth or can just cut anywhere, like a slasher serial killer with a sharp knife.
ooooops. anyone else watching dexter?

I’d like to see acans!!! They seem so delicate yet so rough and thick.

[quote=“TimH07, post:2, topic:2103”]
i’d like a purple rimed yellow monti[/quote]

Lol, read the post again. I’m not saying what of my corals you would like to have, just saying what type of fragging would you like demonstrated.

As far as the acans that is one I don’t have experience with yet. I’ve heard they handle it real well and are not difficult, but I just have never had the chance to chop one up.

Mushrooms I can do and will sometime in the next couple of meetings.

My vote would be for LPS. The harder stuff though, like bubble, brains, favia etc the fleshy stuff.

ahh sorry, well i’d like to see how to remove palythoas and zoa’s safely without harming them, i have a few in some nooks that survived my nano.

ps. i still want that purple rimmed yellow! :slight_smile:

Naw, thats a lavender edge GREEN Monti Cap. dont believe there is such a thing as a yellow cap? he just needs new bulbs.

No, I REALLY need new bulbs.

Other requests?

Part of the reason I started this thread was prep work on this event had already begun.

better jon?

Heres my list:

Everything, no but really… hmm

Fragging… but already doing this

Lighting differential
Setting up frag tanks
quarantining and Diping

i dunno theres no much else… sometime we should have a day…get a lot of members liek 30+ bring some little 10g tanks and corals and just have a fragathon… everyone brings corals… and in the end everyone splits them up… that would be lotza fun… maby like in nov or dec… i dunno where we could use for an afternoon… but that would be really fun, or at least for me… we can have food… we could make some DIY projects… basically just have a fun filled day… Then in the end raffle it all off… or something like that… it will def get some people to join to come you know… i would join if i heard about that…

but then im a newbie so maby you guys dont see the excitement i see… lol

jon i could donate a large piece of sea cabbage for the meeting. lOl i need to prune my tank bad. i know all of the older members have a piece of this but a great coral for the newbys to have. then in a year they can cut it for newbys and so on…let me know in a pm if you want a piece around 8 inches by 4 inches.