what to do when the regular maxi jet isnt cutting it

heres the video. i have done his with a 400 and seems to have added a good bit of flow. not hard to do at all and olny cost a few min. of your time.MaxiJet Powerhead Mod - YouTube

here are the out of box mods that you will some people talking about.

#1 Sure Flow Mod part 1 - YouTube

#2 Sure Flow Mod part 2 - YouTube
here are some numbers for ya
Maxi jet w/out mod:
400 106
600 160
900 230
1200 295

maxi jet w/ mod:
400 1,300
600 1,400
900 1,600
1200 2,100 or 1,600

thought i should share some of my research.

how much additional flow did you get with the 400 and the nozzle off /holes in cover mod???