What's New This Week?

As usual we have lots of new stock posting this week! We’ve got new fish up, including LOTS of tank bred Ocellaris and Tomato clowns at super special pricing. New Handpicked Colonies are posted and we are working on some sweet new WYSIWYG Triple Frag Paks and Pieces of the Reef.


Just in case you missed it we have EXTENDED our 40% off sale on WSYIWYG Frags and Australian Corals and of course ‘Better Than Free Shipping’ is still available. And there’s our new ‘Pick Your Own Doorprize’ Customer Appreciation Special. With all these specials, sales, and discounts available there has never been a better time to order. We know it may get a little overwhelming trying to figure out just exactly how much money you are saving, so feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to go over things with you! 877-887-5224