White Tail Bristletooth Tangs & More!

Exclusively from our own collection station in French Polynesia.

Check out our Weekly Specials page, HUGE week for awesome deals! All weekly specials are available at our retail facility. If you are able to, make the trip out to see us. We have tons of stock in right now!


Polynesian White Tail Bristletooth Tang

Juvenile Leopard Wrasse

Pair Polynesian Flame Angels

“Our Pick” Polynesian Maxima clam

Dr. Mac on one of his trips to our collection station in French Polynesia.

Photo of some nice clams waiting to be shipped at our collection station while Dr. Mac was there.

More Weekly Specials!

Neon Day Glow Tube Anemone

Porites with Christmas Tree worms

NEW Coral Colonies and Anemones posted!

Coral Colonies


NEW IEC (Indo Elite Corals) Coral Colonies posted from our hand-picking partner in Indonesia. He sorts through thousands of colonies and only picks the best for us. Check out our huge selection! More colonies posting all next week so check back often.