Who is the new guy???

Oh, it’s me.

I’ve only had saltwater tanks for about 3 months now, and love it.

I have 2 - 55 gal tanks, nothing too advanced yet, just a bunch of critters that are fun to watch.

Congrats on the tanks and Welcome to the club GolfC


Are you in Wilmington, or one of us southerners?


What sort of corals have you collected so far? Certain things you have your eye out for? Plans for the next tank?

Are you going to put up some tank info?

how bout pics???

I have lots of pics over on Reef-Geeks, but I’m now trying to read more here to.

I have no hard corals yet, but I’m thinking about it. I do have a few softies, and nems but it’s mostly fish for now till I get more experience under my belt.

I live in Camden, and most of the stuff I get comes from The Fish Bowl.