Whole Tank Sale

Hey everyone, as I mentioned in the other topic board I have to sell my tank. My fish have been sold and just have corals left. Not sure how to price them so make me an offer. I can post pictures of people are interested.

Green tip (and some purple tip) frogspawn. 4 heads

blue/orange acan from pacific east

a war coral from pacific east that lost some of its color but rebounding

and the rest of the corals I would actually just donate. A gave them to me and I’d like to do the same for anyone willing to come get them (some zoanthids, and a couple acropora and would probably just throw in the war coral I mentioned above as it is rebounding back)


2 120 watt bridglux LED lights ( from reefbreaders.com) I paid 179 a piece for them and only used them for 8 months at about 30% power. Im a novice but most the corals seemed to do well under them. I would like to get $300 for the pair, will negotiate.

2 hydor powerheads, one 240 and one 425 GPH - $15 bucks each

HOB reef octopus bh100 protein skimmer, paid $140 would like to get $90

via aqua titanium heater 200w (rated for 50 gallon) paid 40 would like to get $25

Also would like the sell the tank (55g) and stand but obviously cant until its drained. If anyone would like do the whole package you wouldn’t really need much else. I have about 50# of live rock left as well as any of the live sand if anyone is interested. Also have testing kits too if anyone needs them. Oh and salt. Sorry for the somewhat unorganized email but there is just too much stuff to list. If you see something you might want just let me know.

I am interested in the corals. I am fairly new to the hobby and dont have a lot of corals as of yet.

I wouldn’t consider myself the best person to give advice but If you want I would be willing to show you what corals I have and see if they would work for you. How far from Smyrna DE are you?

i live in the milford area. so not too far.

how much salt do you have and what are you asking for it. its almost time for me to buy some more.

interested in the lights the skimmer and pumps possibly

I would take the acros if nobody wants them and maybe the acans

all the coral is gone. All that is left is the equipment