why removing damsels sucks

ok well as most of you know i wanted my damsel out of tank…well i removed him. and this post will show the reason they should not be placed in tank. needless to say i will have frags for sale in week or so of broken corals. i removed everything in tank netted damsel and replaced corals, and as of 10 pm thursday i am about half done replacing aquascape and finishing my reef rebuild. to all the newbies, plan your fish carefully , and if you have fish that will cause problems later, remove them before your tank is well established and full.

Craig had the same problem.

Man that suck hope you get it back!! 

 BTW  nice bubble in the back. 

Let us know what frags you’ll have


ya i remember… but atleast when i recieve my blue hippo i will be ready and stocked properly

tank looks ok i just am not happy with new aquascape so i wil redo it in a week or so after the sress is down. i did break my monticap so there are 2 small frags and lost one ric frag in sand and my range zoo rock was pulled apart. but all corals seemed to be ok just pissed from the stress.

Hey glen, what’s the pipe in the middle with the holes?

Trout hook and a piece of squid works better.

ken tried that went as far as sitting on cough holding fishing rod.

any pics of the aftermath?

Glenn, how do your Pink/Purple Rics look? The ones in our tank and the ones in Jen/Jon’s tank are taking a dive. I’m not sure if it is something I added or what, but they arent doing well.

now they are going strong a day or 2 i was worried because of the shock but doing good. even bright orange one is growing slowly.