Wild Collection Debate and Rules

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More on sustainable harvesting and aquaculture.

I hope the marine aquarium trade adopts the practice of testing and rejecting cyanide collected fish. It is way overdue, even if it is now just a more readily available test. I do try to buy captive bred,and sustainable but some fish you have no clue. Mariculture is just beginning to make some good advancements. Hope the list of 66 doesn’t stop things.

The only fish I really by wild are tangs for algaecontrol and hawk and jawfish my 2 favorites otherwise I get captive bred fish and 75% of the times captive coral.

It’s a wonder why more saltwater fish arnt commercially bred I know they can breed angelfish and jawfish and hawkfish ect.mbut it takes ALOT of effort . There all pelagic spawners right?

But really they captive breed the mouth brooding bangai cardinal fish but not the mouth brooding jawfishs what!! #@$^

I completely agree about that cyinide testing thing mentioned earlier. But you have to keep in mind also that ALOT of indopacific country’s were the fish are caught have much differnt society’s than ours so.