Will my flux rx work?

Has anyone ever used flux rx before? I dosed my tank and forgot to turn the skimmer and carbon/gfo reactor for about 2 hours. Will the flux still be effective?

It worked well in my nano tank.

I have not used it but depends on how fresh the carbon and gfo is and how wet you are skimming. I would imagine. If it is fresh i would image it absorbed alot of the dose.

The carbon and gfo has been in there a while. Its actually time to change it now that you mention it lol

I have used ReefFlux, same stuff.

It will probably still work, the skimmer and carbon will pull some of it out of the water column though

So your dose has probably been weakened

I would just wait about a week and dose again

The active ingredient is an antibiotic, it just so happens that a side effect is that it breaks down the cells of algae