***Winter Fatigue***

It has been a long and rough winter for a lot of people! Are you having winter fatigue? Have you been staring at your tank all winter and are itching to add some new stuff? Place an order with us and we will hold your order until it is safe to ship to you. We do not charge your card for your order until the day your order ships.

We just posted over 200 NEW WYSIWYG under $15 frags!!! Yes 200 frags and they are all WYSIWYG!!! These frags are super awesome and super cheap! Take advantage of our unlimited Lucky 7 Special, buy 6 under $15 frags and get the 7th frag free (buy 12 get 2 free, ect). This is an awesome deal and a great way to get a variety of frags at a great price. All of our under $15 frags are aquacultured at our state lincensed aquaculture facility in Maryland and are very hardy! Check out our weekly specials and add a nugget page as well! Thank you for reading and viewing our threads!

Under $15 frags

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Weekly specials

Rainbow Ricordea yuma

Aussie Acanthastrea lordhowensis

Blue King’s Ransom Zoanthids

Teal Berry Brain

Tropical Flash Acanthastrea echinata

Rainbow War Coral

Blue Blood Sympodium

Dragon’s Eye Favia

Neon Clove Polyp

Red Orange Encrusting Montipora