with regards to frag swap and auction june 7th

Hi folks with regards to the auction there is no fee to participate, east coast aquatics will process the sales and pay the persons who brought in the items, there will be 10% of the sale price going to the store. (it is a minimal amount and we are taking on some considerable expenses for the event.) sorry if this sounds rude but we cant give away everything all the time.

I do have some good news. brightwell aquatics just signed on to cosponser the event so all of there products will be buy 2 get one free, (really free) compliments of brightwell aquatics

Frag Swap, and used
Aquarium supplies
Sun June 7 2009
June 7th, Rain Date June 14th – This will be an indoor / Ourdoor Event with most of the action taking place out front. in the event of rain we will post on “renegadeReefers.com, Delvalreefclub.org, and delreefclub.org” at 6:00 in the morning, if we need to post pone all store specials will still be valid on the 7th as well as the 14th

Event starts at 10AM – Items can be placed into the Frag Swap tank starting at this time. When you check in your frags you will draw one lottery number per frag that is you picking order number. You can check in your used or unwanted equipment items for the auction starting at this time.

The Equipment Auction starts at noon, This is a no reserve auction, and east coast aquatics is not responsible for any disappointments in the event an item sells for a price lower than the owner had hoped for. All items must be paid for in full and removed by the end of the business day. East Coast Aquatics will process all sales, and pay the original owners of the items minus 10% commission.

The Frag Swap will begin @ either 2:00 pm or after the auction ends, this will give everyone plenty of time to get their frags into the tank,

Brightwell Aquatics has signed on as cosponsor all of their products will be buy 2 get one free
Other specials are still pending approval, but everyone who participates in the frag swap will get a bonus gift from east coast aquatics.
Renegade Reefers will also be holding some fundraising events Please support them


Just had a lengthy chat with the director of sales for sera usa. He is anxious to attend and meet all of you, probably bringing samples, I hope he can make it, he is a real interesting guy and he is also a into the hobby.

this event is going to kick a-s for sure


It sounds like this is going to be a great event. Will there be seperate categories for the frags, sps, lps, polyps, ect… ? Are there certain corals that you would not like to be included in the swap? Will the frags stay bagged or will they be acclimated into a tank? Thanks.

I think i will band my frags with a plastic tag in permanent ink. should make ID easier. you know, write it on a cut out plastic baggie frosted label section and use a tie wrap or rubber band to secure it. positive ID. I better crack a few frags before i forget. I forget lots these days… I hope I can find something new to grow in the swap. always looking for new and brigheter colors of corals.

So Let’s all Crack a frag for Peace… diversity… uhhh~~~ and stuff.

Dang, its not that long from now!

F-R-A-G- -S-W-A-P-

Frag Swap!!

My frag tank is full so I just have to decide which 3 frags I am bringing.

That’s a pleasant predicament.

I understand the no reserve rules for the auction, but will you allow a minimum starting bid on items? I was interested in bringing my old coralife 72" 4 x 96 pc light fixture and would like to know if I would do better to just put it up for consignment at my LFS. Thanks.

minimum starting bids probably wont work, people always wait for the price to go down before bidding and I can not guarantee any set price, (sorry but no reserve means everyone is looking for the bargains, my stuff will be out there too),

also the frags will go into a common tank, for observation, then bagged after being picked. no catagories, if everyone brings something pretty then, everyone gets something pretty.
I am bringing freaken gorgeous!



I will not be able to make it before noon on sunday. Would it be possible to run what I want to sell up to the store tomorrow?

ok, bring me the items today we get them squared away for auction.


hey folks just a reminder, best options for parking tomorrow will be at the insurance office next door( they have closed down) and we have authorized parking there.

see you then


Nevermind I found someone to bring it for me.

so whats the offical time line?

folks can start checking in auction stuff and frags at 10:00, the auction will start at 12:00 the frag swap will start at 2:00 or at the end of the auction which ever is later.

the weather is beautiful, no need for a raindate. lets do this!!!


Does anyone want me to bring them a clown fish?