WTB 10g tank or larger

I am looking for a 10-20g tank for a pet lizard so it doesnt have to be perfect.

Will trade a frag for a tank. I have a nice cluster of ZOOs or a good size hairy green mushroom on a rock that is looking for a home.


Hey Rich, I have a ten gallon with a screen lid you could have, but I am in Dover. LMK if you have plans on being down this way.

i have 1 n im in west chester

i have one sitting outside of the elms apt complex w/ a screen lid. it stunk so i just set it out there, it was my cricket tank. come by and take it. im in the hospital now so i cant say if its still there

if the one at the elms appartments is to stinky for u u can shoot right across the street 2 my house i got a spare one for u even has a turtle dock if u need and an i got an extra light dome if u need that just let me know