WTB 180g RR sized tank

I desperately need to upgrade my FO tank so I am looking for a 180g sized tank. Prefer RR, but I guess I could drill it. I just need something 6’ long and 2’ wide, height isn’t as important. Doesn’t need to be perfect as its a FO tank, not a show reef. Cheaper the better, I’d prefer just the tank if possible. I make my own stands/canopies, every way possible to save a penny for tuition! I live in zip 19707, so has to be somewhat near there, I’d say under 100 miles definitely. Thanks!

i don’t know if a 125 non drilled would work for you but i have one cheap 125.00 christophersj40@yahoo.com

Sorry, I need a 24" depth, I have big tangs, angels and eels that are going into the tank. Thanks though, goodluck with the sale.

no problem