WTB 20 gal long for turtle tank

Does any one have an old 20 gal long they aren’t using. My grandkids turtle has outgrown its sm 10 gal tank and really needs a bigger tank. Let me know if you have an old one or know of someone who has one. cheaper the better …Thanks

I have a 55 that they can have. Let me know if you’re interested.


Oh yeah, wow that’d be great. It’s for a water turtle so the tank will be at least half filled with water. If it will work for that. I’ll take it for sure! Thanks so much! And Tiki the turtle thanks you too! Will pm for pick up details shortly. Thanks again! YahoO

PM’ed you back. Tank is watertight but the top brace is cracked. I wouldn’t use for fish, but half full for turtle should be okay. Tell Tiki I’m happy to help.