WTB 24" Refugium light

Looking for a cheap light for my refugium which is a 20 gallon high. Let me know what you have or if you have any suggestions on a light I could buy. Let me know. Thanks

I’ve got the standard Home Depot clip on light that I used over my 20g refugium on the old set-up.

I might have something that size from an old freshwater tank. Not high output, likely 20w or so. Lmk if interested. I have built t5’s from a home depot fixture before. It costs about $20. If you want me to show you pics of one…

I have tried the clip on light unfortunately it doesn’t fit under my setup. I only have about 6" of clearance so the light didn’t work that well.

Scottman I don’t know if 20 watts would be enough? A pic of the Home Depot fixture would be great. What are the specs, size, wattage, etc.

I am fairly certain i have a marineland 24" led fixture if you are tight on space.

::thinking:: what’s your price? I also have sps if your interested in anything I have. Let me know.

I’ll take the SPS - money is over-rated.

I’m still looking for a nice hammer coral if you have any LPS.

Here is a list of what frags I have:

ORA green tipped orange birdsnest
Purple polyp green birdsnest
Tri color acro
Green stag acro
Red monti cap
Green monti cap
Green monti cap w blue polyps
Green poci
Alien eye chalice
Maybe a few more I forgot

I do have a branching hammer. I don’t like to frag it often because it seems I always try fragging a few heads and the thing breaks into more pieces than I want it to. However I will frag it, it is time. Let me know what frags you want for the light and when. What are the specs on the unit? Thanks

Anything besides the hammer you want?