WTB Anenome and beginner corals

I shall soon be ready to add these to my tank, does anyone have anything available?

I have plenty of anemones. How old is your tank?

Here are the ones I have, I can get several off the glass.

My tank has been up and running now for almost 7 weeks. I purchased a Haitian Anenome last night, after getting home, i read about alot of issues with it eating fish as its Aggressive, so i gave it to a friend. Looking for something not as aggressive probably looking for a BTA, and hope my Clarkii clowns will host it.

I may be interested in what you have as well.

I started to puchase a Haitian Anemone but researched it first and decided not to. Where do you go to purchase your livestock CKI?

The Anemone came from a friend who is getting rid of all his stuff, it cost me a whoppin’ $2 dollars, so figured i would give it a shot… As far as all my other purchases, everything has came from The Fish Bowl, in Dover. Mike treats me great, so 95% of my business goes there … and hes also the closest store to me

I also go to the Fish Bowl. He is the closest to me as well.

I live in Milford, so its between The Fish Bowl and Seaford Pet Emporium … Hands down The Fish Bowl, Mike is alot of help to me, esp considering i am new to this so Ive got alot of questions.

I also live in the Milford area. I have been to Seaford Pet Emporium a couple of times and didnt care for it.

Milford is a small place. Might know ya!

I am actually in Houston which is close to Milford. Most people don’t know where that is so I just say I am in the Milford area.

Houston used to be my roaming grounds!

We have only been here about 8 years. We don’t really know anyone here!

Its a nice town! Your close if ya ever have anything ya want to get rid of I am just around the corner

Tim, which kinds do you have and how much are you asking?

I have a few zoanthid “mini” colonies for sale. I live in newark if you ever get up this way.

How much and could you provide pictures

Some pics of parents. Yellow one about 35 heads, green one around 25 heads.

[quote=“CKI, post:14, topic:6571”]
Tim, which kinds do you have and how much are you asking?[/quote]

They are Green bubble tipped anemone’s. My clowns (ORA misbar’s ) host them just fine.

They are rather hardy too. I’d ask $25 each. I am in Pike Creek just north of Newark. PM me if interested.

Better pic of the anemone’s.