WTB Black and White Clowns

Hello all, I am looking for a pair of Black and White Clowns for a half decent price, if anyone can help me out PM or message me

thanks all

Not sure if he still has them, its been awhile, but Rich had a pair

Thanks for the reply, I am looking for just Black and White, with No orange around the face though.

What type of clownfish are you looking for as there are several types of Black and White Clowns
The only ones I know that don’t have any orange on their face are True Black Percula’s, which are harder to find locally, the most common are Black and White Ocellaris but they have a orange face, it does get darker as they get older but does not go away.

Yes, its the Black and White purcula clowns that i am looking for.

Frazer Zoo has a pair of Domino Clowns I think he is asking $90 each they are paired up to.

thanks, not looking for domino clowns,