WTB Blue or purple mushrooms

Hello everyone! Long time no post! Still lurking occasionally though.
Anywho, I will be at the swap this weekend and was wondering if anyone had blue or purple shrooms they might be willing to sell?
They used to be everywhere back in the day, but i cant seem to find them at any LFSs

I have like 4 in my tank but they dont seem to drop babies just get bigger.

If they do drop any babies i can try to get one for you. They have been iny tank for years though. All my other shrooms drop babies all the time.

I have some purple Ricordea Yumas if you are interested

They are multicolored purple in the base, blue bubbles and green around the edges

Pretty sweet shrooms, wish I could get a better picture



Oh, I actually have some purple discomas with a blue iridescence to them also

Hi donavon, i think the discomas are what im looking mostly for. Those yumas are pretty cool though!

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I have one big one (1.5-2”)and one baby one (.75”)

I’ll chip them off and bring to them Saturday if you want

That would be awsome! Would you like a trade or cash for them?

If you have something to trade that is fine. If not I don’t need any cash