WTB Coralife Pure Flo II RO/DI Unit Parts

My RO/DI unit is in the garage and due to the extreme cold temperatures one of the plastic canisters froze and cracked. Does anyone have any spare RO/DI parts or units laying around? I would be willing to pay in frags or Cash! Let me know.

I have an old one here that I keep for parts. What do you need just one of the clear canisters? I can bring it Monday for you.

Looks like 2 of the three clear canisters are broken. If you have two of them Monday works. Please let me know what you want for them.

Yeah I have two. I can bring them Monday. You can have them for free but if you have any frags of corals I don’t have shoot me a pm with what you have and we can swap for it.