WTB: flame angel

So my lady decided she wants her own fish in the tank and fell in love with the flame angel. Unfortunately the only ones my lfs has been getting are small and the one i bought has disappeared. I would like to find a better sized one so he can fend off the other fish that may cause him issues. Does anyone have or k ow someone that has one for sale?

I recently purchased a flame angel from liveaquaria. I intentionally went for a smaller specimen and I can assure you, he can hang with the big boys. He is challenging fish 5 times his size.

If you don’t mind paying for shipping, they do a good job with their livestock.

I thought mine was doing good (had him for about a month) then one day he was just gone, no body foubd anywhere and my lid is extremely tight and hole free so i assumed the pink psuedo had harrassed and killed him. The pseudo has been known to harrass some of my smaller fish (hes big) so thats why i wanted a bigger one. Honestly if it wasnt my daughters pick, he would be out of the tank

My girlfriend fell in love with the same fish. I’ve read horry stories about how agressive they can get. She had to settle for a pink leather instead. : )