WTB: New to the hobby looking for beginner corals/fish

Hi everyone,

I’m new here to the forum. I was introduced to this extremely addicting hobby by John Stollings (Saltcreep). He was kind enough to set me up with a 30 gallon long, 20 gallon sump, LED light and accessories. I’ve had the tank setup and running for about 3 months with much help from john. The nitrates are at 0 and i currently have 2 clowns, 2 Chromis, firefish and a small patch of gsp, all of which are doing great!

I’m mainly looking to buy a bubble tip anemone, pulsing xenia, toadstool, mushrooms, and clams. But I am also definitely open to other fairly easy, beginner corals and also maybe some fish too(gobi, tangs, etc.) If you have any corals for sale that you think would be good in my tank let me know!

You can contact me on here or text/call me at 302-544-0025

Thanks, Tim

:Welcome) to DRC Tim. First let me say you are in a good company with John helping you out. Also if you see him please let him know we miss him in our club and hope he is doing well. Good luck with your tank and if you need any more help just let us know. And I’m sure someone in our club will have something to offer you.

gotta wait some more on the clam, though. patience! say hi to john.

I got a couple kinds of shrooms, euphyillia, and more. Located in New Castle, PM if interested.

I’d say your getting pretty close to maxed out on fish and a tang is definitely a no for a 30gal with 5 other fish. You don’t have any benthic (bottom dwelling) fish so a small goby could work or maybe a pixie hawkfish.

with that size tank, the clowns are going to get real aggressive once they pick a host and start spawning, I would not chance adding more fish. Also clams are not normally suggested for newish tanks as they do not handle any kind of spike well at all, and toadstools can grow to enormous sizes.

I do have some Xenia and a hairy mushroom I could give you, if you are able to make it to a meeting that is a good time to make deals pick up stuff and met and chat with others.
Next one is 10/20/14 @ William Penn High School

Thank you everyone for the replys! I work with john and see him almost everyday, so I will let him know you all said hi! I may be able to get him to come to the next meet with me and meet eveyone.

Hi, Welcome to the club. any friend of John’s is a friend of ours. I’m glad to hear John still has his thumb in the water! I think i can make a couple easy to keep zoo frags and stuff for you. the charge will be, you make it to the next meeting.!! So as i can give em to ya.

Sounds like a plan thank you!

GOOD! Looking forward to meeting you at the next meeting!