WTB sump or someone to build it

I am looking for a sump and possibly an overflow (hang on) for a 55 gal tank. I would also like to know if any one would build me one if i provided the tank (likely a 29 gal) since I dont have the time right now. I dont have a ton of money so please be reasonable with asking prices. Used stuff is great, home made is fine too.

Are you looking for just a sump, or a sump/refugium combo?

A sump can be just as basic as a 29g tank, slightly more complex to include a baffle to keep the water level at a specific height in one chamber for a skimmer. A refugium (fuge) will use several baffles to segment the tank out to include a skimmer section as well as a refugium section to grow macro algae and pods. I thinka 29g will be too small to seperate to include a refugium as well.

I was planning to put a skimmer in it and have not decided if it will include a refugium or not. probally better if it did. There is a zillion designs and I can’t decide what is best for me. I do like the aqueon pro flex 3 and 4 but cant shell out that money at the moment. It is changeable to many different designs which I think is great. But what should I design my diy unit for or around if I go that route? Is any one willing to assist with designing one? I hear so much different advice when I ask people at the different stores. Most people agree that the skimmer should be in it but trickle filters, fuge or neither is debated with whoever I ask. What do people out there use and why? I get so many different answers on this I am just more confused.
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What size are you looking for? I might have a extra acrylic one

This will be used on either a 55g or 90g tank. Let me know if the extra one you have is available. I also have a 30g that could use a sump.
I’ve decided that the sump should house the protein skimmer and refugium. There just isn’t much benefit to a trickle filter when you have live rock in your tank.

I have a oceanic model 75 trickle filter that im trying to get rid of

Just use your 30g and silicone in 2 baffles to make 3 sections (skimmer, fuge, return). It will take under 30 minutes and be the cheapest/best option for you. Or you could even put a 10g inside the 30g if you don’t want to silicone in any baffles, that is what I did for my sump so I could remove it all easily.

So I guess I might have to suck it up and build this myself. If any one decides they have one for sale or wants to build this for me for $$ let me know since it will be a while before i get around to it. I should do more research before I start hacking and gluing stuff.

I have several used acrylic sumps I really need to get rid of. Biggest question is how much space do you have? I have one that would likely fit in any space, one that is equal to 55gallons in volume, and some in between. Shoot me an email or PM with out much room you have. LWH"