WTT: several tanks for a used 75g or 90g

As subject states. I’m looking to trade several tanks for 1 new or used 75g or 90g that you have laying around that you don’t want, with no leak of course.

I have a marineland system 3 / 40g tall with hood and everything associate with it, 30g, 15g, 10g with hood and strip light. Can provide pics and dimension for all if interested.

Any interest in selling outright? I need a new octo tank!

Joe, I haven’t really sit down for a price. But what are you looking for, any offer?

i have a 75 gallon tank with stand and canopy i would like to sell for 150.00. dont need any tanks so pm me if interedted.

Thanks Glen. But I’m looking to get rid of these tanks as well. I just want to trade to make a sump for my new set up.

OK, since no one wants to trade. How about selling it? $1 a gallon. Like I said 40g comes with the full hood and for $10 more iron stand. 30g has glass top and 1 strip light. 15g is just a tank, so that can go for $10. 10g comes with glass top and light strip for $10. Please let me know. I prefer to trade rather than sell.

A, I’d take the 40 for $40… Sorry so long to respond, holidays and all… Also, if it helps at all, I have a 40B and probably a 55 in the basement I’d let you have-if either would be workable (different footprint than your 40T).

Thanks Joe. I’m only looking for 75 or 90g to make a sump. I would take that 40B, but that’s the reason why I’m getting rid of these other tanks, is that I have too many sitting around. Let me know when and where we can meet. Thanks

bump. Still looking to buy a 75g, 90g or 100g tank only. Used is fine since I’ll be using it for a sump. Thanks