You guys think?

I could add one of these?

That would be real neat but are they allowed in DE?

HA! good point. I researched this, and the only snakes expressly illegal are the boids, and venemous. The rest is rumor. Think he’d eat my Tang?

Who cares if its legal…i wont tell!

That thing is freakin awesome. Ive never seen one available before and never imagined keeping a SW snake. Arent most sea snakes very venomous?

That is really cool. would love to see what that would look like in a reef tank.

thats a beautiful price tag for a beautiful animal

It’s not a true sea snake, it’s a file snake. More common varieties are known in the pet industry as Elephant’s Trunk snakes. Very cool, they don’t have a great survival rate in captivity. My guess is it has soemthing to do with the supposed care requirements (ten gallon aquarium, I/O sea salt, and crushed coral) I can’t imagine the bio-load off one of these babies! Maybe someday… le-frog

Thats awsome! Never seen anything like that before. Always love to hear about new animals. Don’t really have any desire to keep these guys though, lol. I’ve just never been intersted in snakes as much as other herps and reef animals.

[quote=“Jocephus, post:1, topic:825”]
I could add one of these?

Ya know, you have also stumped me with this one. Are these true herps or do they have some sort of gills? Quite the interesting critter…

Supposidly they are true snakes. They supposidly have a special salt excreting organ and can stay submerged for several hours?

I was trying to do more reading on them, but couldn’t find the scientific name and everything I read was on forums(non reliable sources). Wasn’t intersted to search more then a couple minutes. I can’t imagine what it would be like for Ken to try to search the web for info like that. With 56k it could take a day to load the original picutre and another week to find out any information on them. (jk :wink: )

Try Acrochordus ssp.

Very cool snakes, not something you see all the time.

That’s very cool! But what is up with the 10g tank? How big do these guys get? Anyone find out anymore care info on them? Pretty interesting, but I am happy with my eel.

That is a cool animal. is it reef safe though?

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I think he would defiantly eat most small fish and C.U.C (Clean up Crew)

+1 Congrats on post numero uno!

that thing sent shivers down my spine. its sick! i would be worried it would do one of the following:
escape & eat your face lol
eat all fish
eat cuc
creat a huge bio load ( what does it eat???)
scary ur gf away
but it would be sweet to keep in an aquarium. i dont know what else you could keep in ur aquarium but would u need anything else.

:Welcome) ravensfan531

escape & eat your face lol

:-)lol LMAO

[quote=“bz350, post:16, topic:825”]
escape & eat your face lol[/quote]

That is eerily similar to what I was thinking about it… wouldnt that be scary to wake up to sitting on your chest begging for food…

i would be more scared if i saw the canopy off. where could it be?