Zoa frag

have one Zoa that I was given and it keeps coming loose from the plug, iv tried multiple times. whats all of your secrets, to get this thing to stay put?

Super glue gel. Put the glue on the plug, dip it in the water, then put the frag on the plug.

Yea I was doing every step except dipping in water before adding frag. Maybe that’s the secret

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The dip forms a skin over the top. That extra by seems to be enough to keep it still until the rest sets.

Just a warning Lee. Be careful when handling those zooanthids. They have toxin that are deadly to human and in small amount on your hands can cause nerve damage in your eyes or your skin. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before you touch anything. Don’t let it get in your mouth it will cause paralyzes in your body. Just be careful.

Thanks A. I always use safety glasses and for most part use tweezers. So far so good on it holding in place

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Good to hear. Post pics as always. Love to see other people corals pics.