Zoa Predator Wanted!

I’ve done everything I can to try and get my texas trash paly situation under control and nothing has worked. I’m thinking about resorting to adding a pest to my tank to eradicate them. Anyone have zoa eating nudis they’d like to share? :laughing:


That is an interesting Idea! I wonder if anyone actually grows and sells them?

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I got a file fish from f2f one time and it aet evey zoa in my tank in a out 3 days before i knew it was him lol

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Heard they were a possible option. Do they nip at anything else?

Mine has not. Got him for aptasia.

Lol, i had to look those palys up with a name like that. They look like palys that house of tropicals always has and ive wanted for years. Whats so bad about them?

I’m in Newark and have a file fish that will decimate zoas - he did eat all the aptasia first

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They grow really fast and will take over a tank. They’re also pretty high in palytoxin.

Sorry my file fish is in my Sps tank…there are no zoa’s in there so I can’t comment on if he would eat them or not

Yeah? Looking to rehome him/her temporarily :slight_smile: Does it bother any other corals or clams?

I wonder if aiptasia x would work while running carbon to bind any dying paly badness.

Nope, unfortunately not. Try Joe’s Juice, kalk paste, majano wand, nothing works.

No it dident mess with anything else ate the aptasia then the zoas