Zoa’s for sale or trade

Christmas zoa’s ( I named them that) any one looking for about 40 heads of these zoa’s. Green with a few red ones. This outcrop will be cut a few heads to the left of the last red zoa on the left. Let me know what you have to trade.

What are you looking for Mike?

They look like radioactive dragon eyes to me…

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Ask Donavon what they are called. You can have them for nothing.

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I would call them what fishface called them
They are indestructible, very hardy

Ill take some if there still avaiable will be thd first coarl in the tank

Are you telling me that Mike?

Besides the orange and green rhodactis i gave you James… sir!

Yes James you may have them

Will let James have them. I have more for you also

Ok yeah i was going to split the with him anyway if i got them.

Sounds good, you two may have them to slpit

Thanks guys