Zoanthid Growout Contest Close Out

So I think the growout contest lost a little steam. But it should not be forgotten. The last time it was discussed in a meeting at NextFab, I believe.

My intention was to have everyone bring evidence of their polyp count to the September meeting and determine a winner. The meeting never happened and we all stopped posting a couple months ago. I would like to get a show of hands of everyone who is still in possession of the Blueberry Fields Zoanthids (I know unfortunately a few contestants lost their colonies)
Lets see if we can get some decent pictures posted of what you have grown out. Lets come up with a definitive end date to this contest and crown a winner!

I lost my list of contestants and what they paid. for the most part everyone paid the $5.00 for the original two polyps. however there was I think one person who gave me two or three dollars and one person who was supposed to catch me at the next meeting. If you haven’t paid just shoot me a message and we can square up soon.

Below is the original Post copied from the old web site (I am 99% sure the contestant list is accurate-If I left a name off just let me know who you are and what disc # you have), there is a list of who got what Disc number. I just need to know who is still playing and who thinks they have the most polyps.

Post a picture with your reply, some witty comments, and boasting are recommended. I am open for suggestions on putting this thing to bed. We could potentially just go with pictures as proof as long as there is a clear winner. and the prize is still the $50.00 gift card along with the pot of contestant fees (Currently $38…00 cash I believe - should be $45.00)

It would be great to get a little blurb about what you have done to get such a nicely grown colony. post your average parameters and what you feed if anything. Magicians are not supposed to reveal their tricks, but in this case the audience will benefit from your expertise.


Zoanthid Growout Contest

January 31, 2019, 09:00:35 PM

So… do you think you are good at growing zoanthids? Do you just like growing them because they look great in your tank?

I would like to propose a new contest:

Who can grow the biggest colony of zoas in a seven month period, starting with just two polyps?

I will supply the materials to start:

  • 2 " round ceramic tiles (marked with a number)
  • Two heads each of Blueberry Fields zoas from my collection
  • Seven month duration from start of contest (frags given out at the next meeting)
  • Check ins by post (on this thread)with a picture and comment on every two weeks
  • $5.00 entry fee (proceeds given to the winner)
  • Final submission form to be brought to the meeting with specimen (you get to keep the zoas, of course) the submission form will be for educational purpose and comparison of conditions, asking about your grow out process:
  • temperature
  • salinity
  • phosphates
  • Nitrates
  • flow, high__ Moderate__ Low__
  • Feeding heavy__ Moderate__ none__
  • special techniques or secrets?____________


  • Entry fee money?
  • Bragging rights!
  • Title of 2019 Zoa King or Queen
  • 50 Gift certificate from our sponsor

We will be limited to 20 contestants, so the first twenty people to register will be in the contest. Register by replying “I Am In” to this thread that will indicate your desire to play.


Frag #10 - Jamesd1991
Frag #1 - Elarkin
Frag #2 - TheEngineer
Frag #7 - Floating13
Frag #9 - Fishface515
Frag #11 - Houndsbayman
Frag #3 - Reefzig
Frag #20 - Marine Mike
Frag#4 - Busareef

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Here’s my grow out, you can barely see the disc at the bottom (I think it was #5)

I’m sure several people have me beat, but I wasn’t technically playing since I was hosting the contest. people would probably think I was cheating, so I will just post my humble little grow out for fun.

Lets see what you have!!

I got 2 file fish to eat aptasia and they also ate all my zoas so mine have parshed :disappointed:

My emerald crab took mine out :frowning:

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They were doing great before that my disk was covered

I’ve been hearing a lot about renegade file fish lately. I guess they are pretty risky. Sorry for your loss.

I had a file fish for a few months, once the anemones were gone i stared noticing polyps missing from my montiporas

Dang! I don’t think my emeralds ever ate any corals but they never lasted longer than a few months. I think my wrasses took them out but never witnessed it happen. They just vanished. I gave up after the third try. Sorry they didn’t last

By the way the picture I posted was actually the mother colony, not a grown out frag. The leftover ones I have probably only have around 25 or so polyps. They have been kicked around on the bottom of my 65 gallon. Not getting enough light and not much flow. So not growing much at all

Hi Donavon,

I am in the contest also. I joined about a month late. I will try and get a photo posted. I don’t see anyone else that has posted a photo yet?

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I think we will Give it a couple weeks to see if anyone posts.

Seems like there were several casualties

There were about 4 colonies that didn’t make it that I know Of. I’ll bet John still has his

Here’s mine, did I win?


I do still have mine, will try and get a pic up later this morning

the top pic is of the original zoas on the disc and the second pic is the spot where I had them growing out at. I then moved them where they are in the second pic

Wow, John!

They look great! Awesome pictures, they are growing very well.

Best so far!

Gotta be at least 60 polyps, maybe more! They really pop under those LEDs

Thanks Donavon. My iphone takes really good pics
They really look more like the ones in your pic

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I bow down to the winner and all around best aquarius in the club. Great job Houndsman

Thanks Mike. But if I am the winner,please either give the winnings to another member or donate it back to the club.

Here’s mine. You can see the edge of the disc perking out the bottom of the colony.


The pic is sideways so bit of the disc is on the right.

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Holy Cow! Very nice! Any idea about how many polyps?
Hard to say but looks like more than Houndsbayman.