Zoas choking up

Why are the zoanthids in the last two pics doing this? They have been fine for months until just the last couple days. Other zoas in the tank are just fine, as seen in pics.

I have the same issue. I have about 6 different zoos in my tank. About 50-100 heads each. Just One has closed up. Been about 3 weeks. Nothing has changed. Just sit it out and hope for the best

Maybe the vermetid snails are irritating them.

I just read this in the dmv group the outstreached ones look like there reachjng for light i i read your doing all your water changes so good what kind of light do you have what are your par reading on the ones reaching?

You could also do what Cadillac coarls suggested and do a icp test to see if somthing is out of wack all of a sudden

No idea what my par readings are. Its a combo of led, t5s and mh. Figure around 300 something watts at full light. Something had to have happened though. Everythings been fine for months. All my bulbs are relatively new also.
Here are my levels as of last night.

Look very closely for nudibranches
Zoa eating nudrs will make them close up.
They take on the colors of the zoanthids and are well camouflaged

I’m not saying that’s it but it is a possibility

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To piggy on what donavan said you could take the frag out and dip it that would kill any pest on it

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