2022 Delaware Reef Club Coral Show

October 29, 2022


Brookside Community Hall
900 Marrows Road
Brookside, Newark DE, 19713

Delaware Reef Club is excited to bring you our 9th Annual Coral Show! This event brings together hobbyists and vendors from NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE and VA for an amazing one day event. There will be tons of raffle prizes and various vendors.

Ticket Prices:

2022-2023 paid DRC members FREE
Individual $5
Family $10
Kids under 12 FREE

This year’s vendors include:

K & K aquaculture
Next Wave corals
Cruz N Aquatics
Eric Barello/ Reefer Madness
Covey’s Coral Cove
Treasonous Corals
Reef Nerd Aquatics
Scott Snyder / Talons Cove
Greg’s Corals
Jason Fox

As always, there will be food and refreshments, club T shirts, and memberships for sale.


Donated RODI unit for raffle from Bulk Reef Supply!!

Can’t wait! Hopefully my back will be better by the time this rolls around and i can help out with setup and things. Its exciting for us to be back to getting together as a group on a regular basis! (DRC chant begins quietly through out the forum)


I will be there and I’m bringing the wife and kids too!


Reef Bum has generously committed to send a some coral for the raffle:

I have purchased from here and have been extremely pleased with the quality

Great source for healthy SPS!

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Hagen/Fluval Sea has once again, generously, donated a box of dry goods and products to the club.
We will use these items for the raffle table at the swap!

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More recent Commitments, I will update as I receive packages:

  • Caribsea

  • Two Little Fishes

  • Premium Aquatics

  • Air Water Ice

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Champion Lighting has also committed to sending something and may stop by the event if his schedule allows!

Thanks Gary!


I’ve updated the vendor list and cost of admission in the first post of this thread!

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Any chance to get one or two more

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I think so.

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55 gallon Red Sea bucket

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Fragging Raffle Bundle

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We will be raffling a family membership for the rest of 2022 and 2023.

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Man I wish I could make this but I work the night before and that night. Just don’t think I can swing it

Big shout out to Coveys Coral Cove for the raffle donations!

1)hanna alkalinity checker
2) mystery frag


Admission5$, Raffle tickets1$, New Club T-Shirts15$ and food will all be CASH transactions.

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Shout out to Talon’s cove coral and reptiles! Scott Snyder is donating a multimedia fluidized reactor AND a coral frag (type to be announced) for the raffle Delaware Reef Club 2022 Coral Show! Talon’s Cove and reptiles is a small family run business that specializes in LPS, mushroom, and Zoanthid corals!

Keith from Reef Bum is sending the most generous SPS frag pack in DRC History!!
I am so excited to receive this and can’t begin express my gratitude to this man.

This is over $1000.00 retail value frag pack.
So epic that he made a video and posted it on YouTube!

Just look at the size of the JF Homewrecker!!

Check out this video:


:star_struck: whoa!!! Super generous!!! Thank you reef bum!!!

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