20L ambon scorpionfish tank. GreenFishyNHam09

had a 20L siting around and desided to set it up in the bed room. we had a few ideas on what to keep and figured an angler would be a lot of fun and a new learning experience. the tank has a bout 2 inches of fine sand and will be geting 20 or so pounds of rock form the sump of the 90. of of the ideas i have to help keep this tank stable is to do a one gal or so swap form the 20l and the sump on the 90 daily as the 20 will have no sump/fuge or skimmer. i plan to keep a few softies maby a few zoa and a shroom or 2 for color. i got a set of 4 24inch t5 that are siting about 8 inches off the water. any got any experience with angler/frogfish

VERY cool!

I can not tell you how long ive wanted to get one of these guys but just didnt want to take the risk. I gave a LOT of thought to getting one for my 265g that will have suitable tankmates with the exception of anthias and clowns and i just didnt think it was worth the risk. I have no practical experience but have done a little research on them and will make a couple of suggestions. Try to get one from a reputable source that ID’s their fish correctly because there can be a significant diference in adult size between species. Althought the painted and warty angles are generally more expensive, they also stay the smallest. These guys can be difficult to get eating sometimes and you might have to resort to live food. If you do, make an effort to get them eating frozen asap because or you might get stuck with a fish that will only eat live.

Also, have you conisdered or looked into leaffish? I know they arent anglers but they are very similar, stay smaller(3-4" max), and can often be bought in pairs on LA for a decent price, not to mention that some of the color morphs are INSANE. Others might disagree, but i think a 20L would be sufficient for a pair of leafs in a species only tank.

Sounds cool, i have a 20g, drilled, with a stand just laying around too… maby i should start something… hmm

i was just reading a really cool article in CORAL mag about these guys…a guy was keeping an angler fish with a school of chromis…he introduced the fish first, and let them establish their hierarchy…then he added the angler…once the fish recognized the threat they new to stay a certain distance away…he used standard egg crate to measure distance, and learned the fish actually stay a calculated distance away from the top of the mouth area where suction is greatest…

he also would introduce new “sacrificial” fish, and he was saying how most adapted.

pretty cool article, ill bring it to the next meeting if i can remember.

Def wanna see it, sounds cool… which edition…

can someone change the title of this thread to “20l JEN’S fu-manchu lionfish tank”

that may be true fish bowl got in a nice one and the better half real would like to have it. so if me and bj can get it eating good ill brob end up with that

the edition of CORAL mag. is June/July 2008, Volume 5, Number 3…

The article starts on page 70, CORAL is hands down the best mag, IMO…

anyway, after looking into the back log, they actually did an entire Month dedicated to the frogfishes/anglers

The article starts on page 70, CORAL is hands down the best mag, IMO...
+1 my favorite and probably the only one i will keep a subscription to

the pictures and the heavy gloss paper…o0o0oh…i was paying the $8 a mag…then i subscribed, starting ordering back issues…im a mess…

I want to get a subscription, but father said no … hmmm :-("

this tank is now home to a 1.5 inch rhinopia got a great deal on it and could not say no will post pics soon.

wow, nice choice. Im guessing its not a rhinopia frondosa(sp?), do you know what species it is? What color is it now?

not sure what sp its black and white some orange and has frilly apendages.

All scorpionfish of the genus rhinopias are pretty rare in the aquarium trade. If i remember there are only about half a dozen species and of those maybe only half are seen in the hobby. I know the frondosa(weedy) is probably the most coveted and probably one of the most expensive depending on the color morph which is strange since they can change color ;D Anyways, ive never seen any rhinopias available at an LFS and the few times they are available online they never go for less than $600-800 for less attractive morphs and up to $2000 for the brightly colored ones. I believe unique corals or one of those had a purple rhinopias(the holy grail) available a couple months in the range of $1500-2000.

Either way, if its really a rhinopias and not another type of scorpionfish you either paid a fortune or got the deal of a century!!

its deff weedy it maby be an ambon scorpion fish its hard to dell its realy small goten it to eat some live brine and i only paid 50 so w/e it is i got a deal

lol. shoulkd have gotten it thursday…kool i was thinking of a rare fish for nano if clowns ever kick bucket. just one special fish for it. but ya glad you got him. very nice.

Any idea what the first aid for the venom is?

Any idea what the first aid for the venom is?

growing a pair and sucking it up? ;D

[quote=“Gordonious, post:18, topic:2244”]
Any idea what the first aid for the venom is? [/quote]

dont pet the fishy, and keep lid on to deter the animal from climbing out and attacking u while u sleep… lOl