Aquarium concepts

Ok so this evening I was driving bythe new lfs (aquarium concepts) its on kirkwood hwy,next to the adult toystore. Well I pulled into the parking lot aand aquarium man is the owner of the store, his name is doug if you don’t know him.I walked through thestore and it looks pretty nice, the salt water section is all new custom acrylic tanks.the fish he did have looked very healthy and active.Doug said he had a very big shipment of fish coming in on Sunday. However… he will not be open till the 1st of oct.d
Doug did say he will be carrying the common lps,tourches,elegance and says he can get most anything. So I look forward to the grand opening.

cool will have to stop in but we all know why and how you found it. I don’t think it is a coincidence that its by the adult book store :stuck_out_tongue:


adult book store, huh.
watch your wrasse

Hey tim I have no shame!but I was told I could find you and paul in the back room,that’s the only reason I was there!

You know what they say…couples that play together stay together!

And… How would you know there’s a back room???

Just so all you perverts know there is another post about this store and if it wasn’t for some of our other members I wouldn’t have seen it! So just remember I didn’t pick the location of our new lfs! ChillPill

Hey tim just so you don’t forget we have had some good times in the back room! So watch what you say :BEER

any grand opening specials

Sorry I didn’t ask

we should find that out

[quote=“beadlocked450r, post:10, topic:4480”]
Sorry I didn’t ask[/quote]
He didn’t ask because he was infatuated with the book store next door!!

Its adult toys! And that pink silky stuff u were wearing for your master yesterday!

Family Friendly Forum kids


I’ve seen Doug around the local tank trade for quite a long time. A well experienced tank guy. I’m sure he will keep a nice little store. Looking forward to the grande opening.

Open for business!!!

I’m there

Grand opening 2day

YahoO I was the first official opening day customer! I bought a nice clown tang, I willpost up a pic later tonight