Are we just making things worse?!!!

Cool but weird

What exactly is you’re salinity and what is the range in which it normally falls?

BTW, do you happen to know what you’re Calc, Alk, and Mg are as well?

so those people are lying “dead in the sun”?

( to young to work but would like to lOl) thanks Brett[/quote]
Soon enough you’ll be “The staving College Student”

[quote=“firecrackerbob, post:18, topic:875”]
I just dont see americans sacraficing convinence. the really sad thing is that most americans dont even stop to think where there breakfast came from anymore- serioisly stop to think where each component came from- coffee, oranges, eggs, milk, bacon… many of the products came from across the country or globe to convinently munch on each day…I cant even begin to visualize the amount of fuel that went into shipping these products to get to my plate. im not sayin that the system is going to come to a grinding halt, but if it doesnt slow soon I think we will be beyond the tipping point…[/quote]

I dont know I think people do care but I think they are at the tipping point themselves. They follow blindly and cost has a huge effect on them. For instance a study was done on Whole Foods. They found out that the Food Lions and Giants get their food from the same place whole food does. It is just one big lie!!!

i got one that is splitting from green banks. it is pulsating and pink. 38$. i got a feeling i got hosed. salt is now at 28. usually keep it anywhere from 21-28. it will now be maintained at 25. mag idk. alk idk

yes this hobby has claimed another victim. And yes you are hooked. remember its a hobby but it always turns into an obsession

i realize you might be looking used, but if you go new … air water ice (one of our lovely sponsors) does (if i remember right) 10% off for DRC members[/quote]

Starting price for an ro/di is about $110 from Air water ice[/quote]

You can make a cheap one but its not worth it.
Its about $15 per canister and about $10 for the Whole house filters

The filters from Air Water Ice vary from 1 micron to 10 micron and when you buy replacements you can select which you prefer.

Can someone define “plug” for me?

3 of our sponsors offer RO/DI units for sale online. 1 offers then for sale in store - but here we have 2 officers specifically mentioning and directing traffic to 1 particular sponsor.

How long can we expect the other sponsors to continue to want to sponsor the club if we, as officers, are showing partial bias to another retailer?

my post changed to indicate i am speaking from experience with respect to AWI.

i realize you might be looking used, but if you go new ... air water ice (one of our lovely sponsors) does (if i remember right) 10% off for DRC members ... AWI filters are also available locally

I’ve had an AWI unit for a few years and love it.

[quote=“icy1155, post:20, topic:875”]
I dont think any officer should be endorsing any store in the public forums.[/quote]

This seems to be the general opinion of the current offices and officers-elect. So regardless of wether you’ve had experience wiht the vendor is it fair to the other vendors selling the same merchandise for you to post that? You’re encouraging others to shop at AWI the TB, DPA, or anywhere else.

For the record I have an AWI RODI and love it - I was going to post a comment on that thread about them including the ASOV with their units - but thought better of it because of this thread.

I see what you are saying but not quite the same thing. See I told you that officers and even people with a vested interest could send people to DPA but not make the posts that you have been making. i don’t have an interest in Air water ice except they are a good company. No conflict of interest. I didn’t compare them to anyone else or step in on another thread where I was pushing one over another. Maybe I could have been clearer in the first post saying what I said in the 3rd. That is the lowest starting price of a ro/di from anywhere. They happen to be a sponsor. As I have directed people to DPA by name. If you add up the cost it is cheaper to buy then make and that is what my post is about.

It is a plug for a good product (that you own) but not a shameless plug. There is no financial interest and I have no connection to either company

I see no problem with Ted’s post either. The member was looking for an ro/di and he gave them a source that was a sponsor and gave a discount. I didn’t direct them to Air Water and Ice that I work for or am web master for.

Things I have said

You posted a ton of privileged info that only an employee or insider would have.
You see Glenn does not work or have any financial connections to the Hidden Reef and he was posting as a benefit to the club. What Craig tried to do was to show how DPA has something happening too. If IanH had posted the DPA stuff it would not have been a big deal for 2 reasons. 1. It would be public info he was conveying 2. He has no financial or commercial tie to the store.

[quote=“a1amap, post:31, topic:875”]
It is a plug for a good product (that you own) but not a shameless plug. There is no financial interest and I have no connection to either company[/quote]

Except the fact that you are the President of the club - which makes oyu an officer - and you are endorcing a specific vendor by name. You did not include info about the other vendors also offering RODI units making you appear biased to AWI.

Remember appearance is 99% what people believe.[/quote]

And for the record - my first post which started all of this only stated that DPA has coupons on their web site which made them a better choice for FW livestock - African Cichlids specifically. So the true issue isn’t that I am an officer plugging another store it’s that I have an “interest” in the store becasue I maintain the web site.

Look, why dont we all think this through for a minute. DPA has a forum and a user name to post all the sales that they like. You dont see ANY of our other sponsors going into the general forum and posting their sales or promoting their products. None. This has to be the same for all sponsors, not all but DPA. Al and ted were right earlier… if Dr. Mac or Becky who works for him jumped on a DPA thread and said how the DPA sale was nice but pacific easts was nicer, you would want that moved and edited. It has to be that way for everyone, so that our sponsors can expect fair treatment.

If we want to get other LFS to do buisness with them, we cant really look like the Delaware Premium Aquatics Reef Club. Dont get me wrong… I really like DPA and I think that it is a great store. I do about 1/2 of my total business there, and would probably do more if it was more local. I just think that we need to treat all of our sponsors as equals.

Is this even remotely close to the post(s) that generated this thread?
Is this worth the time being spent on it?
Again, no.

Had you stated that DPA has RO/DI units in stock, ready to roll, I wouldn’t have blinked. It would have been on topic, answering a question that someone asked.

The post(s) that started us down this road were neither on topic nor answers to a question someone asked.

Seriously, Craig, you aren’t aware of how bad that thread hijack was? You want my issues with your posts? Here they are:
(1) Not many of us have Africans. Topical on a reef forum? Not really, just thinly veiled advertising.
(2) Yes, you plugged Pet Kare. But in comparison to DPA in the same post, you sounded as unbiased as CNN or Fox News. Again, just thinly veiled advertising.

And if advertising wasn’t a part of your goal, then you have my sincerest apologies. Becasue that’s exactly what I saw it as.

Before i reply, i just noticed the hijack smiley…FN awesome!!

Ok. Come on guys. This is getting out of control. Its an area that obviously needs to be addressed. The incoming/outgoing officers can sit down at the meetign and hash out an exact guideline for how we will deal with these things in the future. Its always going to be a murky area, at this point i think we are chasing our tails over semantics.

IMO, to avoid headaches, no officer should mention a “store brand” item in any capacity and should simply direct a club member to our sponsers page. However, i think its completely legit to support a “non-store brand” product. For example. Its completely legitamate for me to say “Hey newb, check out the Kent RODI unit, ive used it for years and its awesome, support the club and look at purchasing from a sponsor first.” Its a product that one or more of our sponsors may carry and its up to the member to decide where to purchase. However, recommeding a brand name like AWI gets a little murky. We all agree that its probably one of the best out there but ONLY AWI carries it, and indirectly, it is a plug for the sponsor.

Instead of trying to walk a tightrope, i think the officers should simply refrain from making any comment about any specific sponsor, LFS, or “store brand product”. If you really feel that you would be doing a member a disservice but not offering your opinion, shoot them a pm and try to be as objective as possible. If we dont make comments, we wont have anything to argue about. Simple. As far as the DPA/DRC conflict, there is a simple solution. Jon/Andy/Craig MUST post in the DPA forum under the DPA username when promoting DPA, period.

All of you guys are great guys and we are all passionate about this hobby, we have to relax a little bit. I think everyone has the clubs best interests at heart, but we may not be stepping back an viewing the big picture.

Fuck this I am out

Look I really didn’t want to re-hash the whole argument. I talked to Al until almost 2am Saturday night and worked through all of this. But I am pissed.

I got my d*ck slapped publicly for suggesting a vendor under the guise of “officers shouldn’t promote specific stores…” But now here we are 3 days later wth the same office that called me out promoting a specific store.

I just asked for clarification of the word “plug”.

I got a better idea - keep your officer position Ted - have fun with the website - I will remain a normal user and post what and where I want. I’m sick of arguing.

Well, Al’s gone. Craig’s just stepped down.

Jon, you just got promoted. You might want to figure out what you’re going to do for a Secretary. Because right now, I’m not far behind Al.

Wow, before we all get upset we need to just relax a little. This shouldnt be such a big deal, we just need to not take things so personally.

Come on people, we are here to have fun. Lets all relax and think things through.

fish-welcome to DRC

I dont know how i missed your guys posts. Welcome to the club!!

moliken - Ronert nailed it on the head. bigger is better when it comes to stability and its much more forgiving when it comes to rookie mistakes than a smaller tank. On the other hand, a self-contained nano(bio cube, aquapod, etc) is a very affordable and easy way to get in the hobby. Also, a 24g is not exactly small and if you do your homework and pay attention to your tank you should be very sucessfull. Its the true nano and pico tanks(5gal and under) that require a lot of experience and knowledge. The only downside in keeping a nano is your fish selection will be a lot more limited than with a large tank, however, you will be able to enjoy some of the smaller miracles of life(pom pom crabs, halloween hermits, etc) that would simply get lost in a larger system. Ive recently started a 34g solana cube. If you have any questions i would be more than willing to help out. You can check out my build thread in the members tank forum, i will hopefully have an update this week.

Ray - Hey man, start a new thread in the member tanks section and post some pics. If your still having trouble creating threads send me a pm. The meeting should be announced soon, and its hard to miss, there will be several reminders on the boards.