Brandywine Reef Club 2022?

Whats happening with the Brandywine Reef Club 2022? Inquiring minds want to know :eyes:

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Whatcha thinkin?

Just wondering if there will be anymore meetings or other activities.

My guess is nothing no one seems active on here anymore.

I think the previous officers have to pass on the torch to keep the club going.

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It’s a good point @Jessica. I’ve enjoyed being the club secretary but haven’t been very involved in the past few months. I’m going to step down this year.

@Jessica you’d make a great officer if you are interested. @MarineMike5 also comes to mind and @Special_K.

I retire in October. I would be glade to be an officer. I will have plenty of time on my hands then and will be looking for projects to get into.

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Thanks for the nomination. I would be glad to participate.

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It’s a tough thing to run a social club during two years of social distancing. The virtual meetings were a lot of fun but I do miss in person meetings, DIY projects, frag swaps, etc. It’s just been a weird time IMO.

Elections are generally held every November (we didn’t have them last year). I don’t think there’s anything that says we can’t hold them late from last year or early from this year. That’s up to the current officers to decide.

I personally think we should not worry about who is an officer at this point and just plan things as a group while this whole COVID thing keeps screwing up our lives. It isn’t worth having the officers do a ton of work planning and then have no one show up.

I think the there will always be a risk of people not showing up or participating regardless of who is organizing the event. I think for the sake of organization there should be officers. And if any officer has to step down they should not feel bad about passing on their duty to someone who is willing/able.

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No arguments from me. There need to be people to take the spots :slight_smile:

I posted the link to this conversation on the Facebook page to garner more interest.

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Is there still activity there? I’ve been off Facebook for a number of years.

Yes it is. There is more activity there than here but not a ton. Mostly daily posts from club sponsors and some
members asking questions, selling or looking to buy.

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Jessica you should be commended for trying to spur some life into this club.

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I think we should hold elections now

I am happy to pass the torch, as I have not been actively doing anything to rally the troops.

I would be interested in coming to in person meetings and maybe virtual meetings but have lost the desire to lead the charge

I would be willing to accept a nomination of secretary of there are no other takers and think Between Mike and Jessica we could find President and Vice President

I would definately participate in organizing a frag swap for the fall.

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My Nominations…

Jessica - President

Mike - Vice President

Secretary -

Treasurer - Marty (he has alway done it and is likely to continue however does not get on the forum or Facebook)

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By way of process, you need to accept or decline a nomination.

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My nominations-

Treasurer Marty
Secretary Donovan
Vice President- @MarineMike5
President- I accept nomination
(Or if @MarineMike5 prefers President then I would be fine with that too, either way we will make a good team. We have both remained engaged in the club.)

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