Club trip to Atlantis

We are in the early stages of planning our big club trip for this summer(July) and i wanted to get a little feedback to help us make the best decisions. Please post any comments you might have. The trip will be to Atlantis Marine World in Long Island New York.

Passenger vans seem to be the most obvious choice for transportation so we are looking at either 24-30 seats available to premium members. The club will cover the cost of the ticket as well as transportation, tolls, gas, etc. Members would be responsible for all other costs outside of general admission related to the trip. No member under 18 years old would be allowed to go without a parent(no other adult but parent). In order for members to bring a guest we would have to do so in increments of either 12 or 15(depending on van) and the guest would have to have his/her ticket and transportation paid for in advance(non refundable). Basically, if we have 12 members that want to bring a guest all costs(ticket and transportation)would need to be paid in advance and then we will rent a third van. The ballpark estimate for cost of guest would be around $30 but that is an estimate only. I will provide an EXACT cost before payment is required.

I will be looking to make arrangments within the month for both tickets and van rental because these vans get reserved very early on for the summer. The purpose of this thread is to get feedback and a general idea of interest. No one is under obligation to go if they vote yes at this point but please do no vote yes if you do not think you can make it. The trip will be on a saturday in July. I am not going to use a poll because i want to know exactly who is interested so please post if you would be interested in coming and if you would want to bring a guest(s). If for some reason the results are less than hoped for and we do a smaller trip(IE 12-15 members) then those members that show interst now will be given priority. We want to make this as fair as possible and allow everyone who is interested to come but the logistics dont allow us a lot of room to work with. Once i have a good idea as to how to proceed i will start a second thread where i will announce the number of seats available and we will take RSVPs. Registered members are more than welcome to come but they will have to pay the same cost as a guest($30ish) in addtion to becoming a premium member. In the case that we are not able to take everyone which i will do everything posssible to avoid, priority will be given to those members that are active in the club(IE meeting attendance). Even in this case the member would be more than welcome to come if the could arrange transportation(the club would still pay for the ticket). I myself will be driving my personal car because my ex would murder me if i put my son in a van without a carseat. Post away!

i am definitely interested and as long as the trip is not the weekend of the 3rd or the weekend of the 23rd ill be there

July is far too busy for me. Very unlikely, but it sounds like a great time.

That really suscks! Our first choice is the weekend of the 3rd and our second choice is the weekend of the 23rd.

Im joking of course. Once i get a baseline from this thread i can put a poll up for everyone to choose any weekend that they are definitely not available. We will try to choose the one that most people are available.

Thats sucks Joe! Hopefully things might open up for you!

The good news for everyone else is that we will be going no matter how small the turnout! It should be equally fun either way and i would be more open to trying some of the group activites(and having the club pay for it) if the final number is real low. The bad news for those that cant make it is that this is the only “big trip” planned for this year.

wowza! yep.
i’m in

For anyone that does not know, atlantismarineworld is the location of the 20,000 gallon full reef that is a constant topic among hobbyiest. Its the same system that was covered in CORAL magazine two issues ago(i think?). Supposed to be amazing!

Im pretty sure that John(houndsbayman) and Bellamy(icy1515) have both been there. I think John even posted pics here a while back if anyone can dig up the thread.

lol can i leave the blonde at home plz

[quote=“jjhanson, post:8, topic:2780”]
lol can i leave the blonde at home plz[/quote]

mine will want a bigger tank if she saw 20,000 gals. that 90 would be outside and on the porch…

you are a very lucky man! usually its the exact opposite. a week would not go by when my ex-wife would not ask me why i couldnt downgrade my 75g to a fishbowl!

Divorce was a small price to pay for me to put a 265g in my living room like i have now! lOl

Sounds liken a great idea. Would love to come.

And we would love to have you!

[quote=“logans_daddy, post:10, topic:2780”]
Divorce was a small price to pay for me to put a 265g in my living room like i have now![/quote]

My favorite Willie Nelson quote, “Do you know why divorces are so expensive? Because they’re worth it.”


Shawn, you are correct, I have seen it and it is spectacular!!! have you been in touch with Joe? He is a graet guy. He is involved with a reef club on Long Island called LIRA(Long Island Reef Association) and I think he is one of the owners of Atlantis Marine World.

No, i havent but he is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the DVRC fragswap in May and i was hoping to have the opportunity to speak with him then.

Shawn, there is also this article in advanced aquarist about the history of how Joe Yaiullo built the tank?

Great construction pictures. After looking at the Atlantis Marine World home website you posted, I realized it’s a lot more now than just the one gaigundy reef tank. They have been busy turning it into a whole day destination. Lots to see and do for the whole family and friends.

I’ll Be going too!

On another note:  You will be glad to know some of your hard earned petrol dollars are going to build this guys little DIY reef tank in the UAE. 

He must have visited Atlantis and got the reefer bug!  

It's a hazzard we will all have to live with too, after we go! 

Uhhh… Regarding trading ex’s for reef tanks, brings to mind this little song from the 60’s or 70’s? I used to see Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks play at the Filmore West in SF all the time…I think?

Dan Hicks and his Hot licks-How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away - YouTube

Worlds truest country western lyrics.

Thank you for the links Ken. Yes, much more to see and do than just the 20,000 gallon reef! Ironically enough, i couldnt even find any mention of the reef tank on the main site! Im very excited about the trip!

brings to mind this little song from the 60's or 70's? SF all the time...I think?

Does anyone else find humor in the fact that Ken’s memories about time spent in SF during the 60’s and 70’s is a little foggy? >LOL<

Divorce was a small price to pay for me to put a 265g in my living room like i have now! aint it all worth it? my ex was not into fishing…So that was a marrige doomed from the start…

While you are out in long island - check out one of the best stores…it’s called country critters in patchogue…
not too far from atlantis…and worth the trip…Joe Y. frequents that store won’t be disappointed !!

So far it appears we have only 5 members both interested and able to attend?

Shawn + 1.5
Kyle(not available weekends of the 3rd and 24th)

At this point i think im going to use this thread to get a running total of those intersted. Please notate any guests you might want to bring. There will be a chance to change your mind before we commit to the trip but please only post if your sure you will be able to come.

I hope im not coming off as obnoxious but the logistics of planning a trip like this are made painfully difficult when people say they are coming and do not or vice versa. It is important for me to give everyone who is interested the opportunity to come. It is my goal to begin making transportation arrangements in as soon as 2-3 weeks.

Remember that anyone is welcome to come including new and registered members. You need only upgrade to premium membership status before and pay for your ticket/transportation costs. Keep in mind that we are getting a significant group rate discount so it will still be cheaper for a non premium member to go with the club than alone.