cross your fingers for me

ok so i decided i had enough of the flatworms. i got out some of the worms before dosing flatworm exit. but with them so wide spread and overwhelming it was impossible to remove all before dosing. after 10 minutes those suckers were dropping like flies. sucked out 90% of the dead ones as fast as i could. . which were in the range of hundreds. I then did a 25 % water change and added 1 1/2 lbs of carbon. most of my corals look ok, some do not. hoping i dont loose my open brain, mushrooms>hairy and pimple, and rics but think it will happen. should i do a water change agian tomorrow? like another 20 % or so? i hope i dont crash and looose my larger older corals, which seem ok so far,. but the good news is flatworms are gone…lol

Hope for the best for ya Glen!! :GOLD)

when reefers crack, lol… goodluck… hope everything works out…

Write down the date and repeat the dosage again in a couple weeks. Did you dose the full recommended dose?(How many drops per gallon did you do?) I would do a 25-30% change tomorrow if you can and replace the carbon in a couple days. Are you skimming?

Hope it turns out for the best.

gordonious i am skimming but it is a P O S.> piece of crap< i will be replacing carbon in a few days and i rinsed it once already, as well as all floss and cleaned skimmer. got water ready for a change tomorrow. i feel i killed 95 % of them so i will repeat in 2 weeks just to make sure they are all dead. i Used only 40 / 45 drops. but it seemed to be enough, they dropped fast.

Some are more resistant then others. The repeat treatment is not to make sure you got all of them that were in your tank, but to get the ones that will hatch in the next two weeks. If you do not repeat the treatment then there will be some in eggs that will show up and if the conditions have not changed much the problem will be highly visible in a months time again.

Now that you got rid of most of them you might consider more frequent water changes and upgrading your skimmer.

Keep us updated. I’ll shoot you my cell in a PM just incase. I hope all works out. If things look really bad tomorrow after the lights have been on for 30 minutes it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do even up to a 40% water change to reduce waste left in the water. Are the lights off for the night already? If things look pretty bad now you could do another 15% change tonight.

ya two weeks seems to be right. i also wont have the die off toxins as bad either. cause there wont be much left to kill hopfully. i also made a filter bag on hose syphon to dump filtered water back into sump for removal of any live or dead ones between noe and 2 weeks. if tank makes it through this stage of crap, i will have a QT set up for any new additions. due to this is really the first problem i have had in 3 years, except for a few aptaisa which were easily dealt with

I regularly keep FW exit in stock in my basement to use on qt tanks. I have purchased many other dips, but typically only use them if I see specific problems. Everything goes through a FW exit treatment though.

Fingers and toes crossed here for you Glenn. I hope everything looks better tomorrow.

Best of luck to you, hopefully you are through the worst.

well i am sick too the stomach. came home to my hippo tang sleeping permanetly on the side of the power head. my larger sailfin has some issue, he is hiding in corner and eyes are slightly white hazed and face is very grayish and scales look funny? got any suggestions for sailfin all other small fish seem fine. shrimps, starfish and all other critters are fine. almost all corals look pissed off but seem to be trying to open up and seem to be shedding slime. which seems to be allowing them to open. bubble seems great. i did loose a few shrooms and two rics.

dose may be critical. it doesnt sound like you left it there long. I used exit once and had no problems. but i forgot the follow up dose 2 weeks later, and eggs hatched and they came back. so next time i tried the pig dewormer, Lavamisole , from tractor supply. I dosed heavier than sugguested on RC forums, and left it run in the system 24 hours before absorbing with carbon and water changes. It certainly endded the FW problem, but 2 days later certain acros folded, and i lost my big blue hippo. swimming the surface gasping for air. and died. so too much for a scaleless fish i guess.

Did you dose correctly and do a good calc on your actual water volume? some of my corals bleached out but came back. except for a couple that just died. not many. montis of all types didnt like it. but survived. i didnt have many FWs then, so i dont believe their toxin was the problem. i filtered them out as soon as they died , with an HOT filter.

Hey Glenn if you have any reason to be up north come borrow my ASM for a couple days.

if a skimmer will help that much, i have a turbofloater 1000 on my 180 u can borrow for sure. lmk. ill clean it up a little for ya.

Ouch that sucks Glenn, sorry to hear man. I think the best thing may be some more water change and more carbon. Are you getting any ammonia from the worm death chain reaction?

Hope the best for your tank.

i just nuked the tank so i know how ya feel. i did a double dose and the worms came out the wood work. everything pulled through. i let it soak for a little over an hour and did my WC. I used a turkey baster to pull em out as they showed up. i think i pulled out around 15 gallons with the baster.

Glen call me if you need. Send me PM again. Headed to bed in a second, but I will be up at 7:00am tomorrow.

Make sure the tank is well oxygenated. Keep up with ~30-35% water changes for a couple days then back down to 20% every 3-4 days. Make sure the temp and salinity match as close as possible.(I know this is always important, but even more so now that the animals are already stressed) Change all of the carbon. Even if your current skimmer is not pulling out much I would keep it running to make sure the tank is well oxygenated. If you have a filter sock(I think you said you were using one) make sure to at least rinse it out thoroughly every day or twice a day if you can.

Keep us updated. Best of luck. Hope there are no more loses. Sorry you lost the tang. :frowning:

thanks for the kind words…From what i did i have reason to believe tangs cant handle the flatworm exit. my sailfin that is around 4 1/2 too 5 inches is now blind and in need of a cane. he is swimming into the walls…so i am not thinking it is going to make it. weird thing is that all other fish and shrimps, starfish, corals and all others looking fine. crazy…well i did another water change this morning and feel i am out off the woods now. just makes me sad that my sailfin and blue hippo tang died. so in about a month i will be restocking my tank so gives me time too redose and allows tank to recover .

i have a scopas, orange shoulder and sailfin that went through it with flying colors. the trick to FWE is to nuke em before the population gets high. if the population is up then its time to try other methods to get them down then nuke the bastards.

ya i waited to long and had too many of the suckers. and sucking them out before would have taken me weeks. so i just sucked out the things as they died was alot easier.