DRC Frag Swap T-Shirts order

With the Frag Swap being right around the corner, I believe it’s time to start ordering our swap T-Shirts. We will start the ordering starting today till the 26th of April. I believe this will give us time for the orders. Also, thanks to Rob (Faralon) for the leg work with CustomInk as well.

I think we’ve all agree with the design below for front, back and the color of the T-Shirt. We plan on ordering 50 shirts and from previous poll we expected 22 people looking to purchase one or maybe two. But if we do get more than expected orders of course the number will go up for the total. Whatever left over will be sold or use for our raffle at the frag swap.

The price will be $13 for members and will be $18 at the swap.

Here’s how it would work:

Members would submit their orders via the CustomInk order page from the link below. Their payments will go to my PayPal account. After the 26th, all pre-orders are closed, and I’ll order the remainder of the shirts.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

CustomInk Order Form:

Got my order in. YahoO PBJ! Now I have to wait till I get home to get to paypal…stupid weird firewall rules slap-stick

Thanks Pat.

Also reminder to everyone. You are not required to pay right away when you put in the order. But please do pay by PayPal before the 26th of Apr or cash at the meeting on the 28th. Thanks

And remember, if you want another color than the default orange, please say so in the comments. We are able to order more than just orange. See CustomInk’s website for color lists.

Now you tell me. You mean i dont have to look like the Great Pumpkin in my 2XL? Maybe Big Bird Yellow?

Ordered my shirt. A big thank you to Rob for the hard work!!! abcd




So far we have only 7 people have signed up, 10 items ordered and 2 paid. Please, if you would like one, put in the order so that we can determined how many we need. Also, no payment needed yet till the night of the meeting.

ordered mine and paid with paypal ::thumbsup::

Thanks to all who put this together, Great looking shirt!!! :BEER

Thanks John. I got it.

I’ll pay at the meeting for mine. if thats ok.

[quote=“kaptken, post:12, topic:7243”]
I’ll pay at the meeting for mine. if thats ok.[/quote]

That’s fine Ken.


Currently 10 people have signed up, 13 items ordered and 3 paid. This is only half from original request that people wanted the T-shirts. We have 3 more days till original cut off date. We may be able to extend for another week if need to, but no longer than that if we want the shirts before our swap. Please put in your order if you want one.

Here’s the link again.

I ordered mine.

Thanks Nick.



Currently 12 people have signed up, 16 items ordered and 5 paid. This is still only half from original request that people wanted the T-shirts. I open it back up till after the meeting Monday night just in case any else want to order one before the meeting.

Here’s the link again.

You got Paypal, my friend.

I totally kept forgetting about this, I can’t believe the event is so close now.