FRAG SaLE - new pics of frags added

Since the club is making a trip to Pacific East next Saturday, I will be making up some monti frags. There will be 3 -rainbow , 3- sunset, and 3 superman monti frags. They will all be about 1/2" in size and $35 each. Also have 2 setosa frags same size for $40 each. All other frags are $20
Other stuff that I have are :
Green flourescent cup
Orange cup
purple polyp green birdsnest
Zoas…$2 a polyp
orange digi
red and red spectled mushrooms…$4ea
1 mint green encrusting monti piece…$30
And I will make fresh cuts from my DTof anything that you like from the larger colonies.

I would definitely like a superman monti frag. I will see ask someone to pick it up for me since I will not be able to make the trip.

Wow Jon, you must be getting some insane growth on those montis!

I dont have any room at the moment but i will surely hit you up in a couple of months for one each of the superman, rainbow, and sunset if you still have them available. I also wouldnt mind seeing the tank again!


do uhave any pics of the purple polyp green birdsnest?

I probably want a superman and a purple polyp birdsnest, any pics of them?

Hey Ellen, one of the superman monti is reserved for you. Shawn, the montis have done well since you last saw them.
Here are some pics.

purple polpy green birdsnest…mother colony

rainbow monti



Here is a recent pic of display tank

Where is the drool smiley? Somebody get me a drool smiley!!!

Tank looks AMAZING Jon, cant wait to see it again!

Thanks Shawn, you can stop by anytime.

[quote=“logans_daddy, post:8, topic:1786”]
Where is the drool smiley? Somebody get me a drool smiley!!!

Tank looks AMAZING Jon, cant wait to see it again![/quote]

+2. Look great! I wish I could make the trip down.

Reserve me and Ian one superman monti

Ok I will reserve one more superman monti, thanks

That Is Nice! Now just give the corals another year or two to grow out and dominate the rock work like a mature reef, and it will look like one of RC’s TOTM’s! I hope the next one i’m setting up … soon?.. will look as good.

What you need to do, is have a frag tank on the side, and take one frag from each coral, and grow new mother colonies there to frag and trade, and leave the DT alone to grow out. it will be great! of course the DT will eventually be over grown and need major pruning and rework. but till then it will look just fine. thats what i plan to do.

Thanks . I do have a small frag setup now, just for placing the mounted frags into. The tank is going to be in this spot for a long time, and it is really getting settled in after the trip from Long Island.

Just wanted to let you know that Jon will be picking up my superman monti frag.

Ok Ellen, thanks

Looks like I am picking up for both Ellen and potentially Ian as well.

I might have to pick up another “purple polyp green birdsnest” as the first one I got I lost. Stupid bad batch of salt. :frowning: Will have to see if I can come up with the extra cash before Saturday, I’ll let you know.

No problem Jon
Here are some pics of frags.

Mint Green encrusting monti - you will not see this anywhere else
Setosa frags

green Slimer

tri-color zoas

Cap frags and Orange Digitata


Rainbow monti - upper left, Superman monti upper right, Setosa - lower left and Sunset monti-lower center

Wow, I’m jealous. Looks like you have a lot growing out. Wish I had more cash to pick some of those up. Is the green Slimer still for sale or did someone else grab it already?

Yes Jon the Slimer is still 4 sale at $25. I also can make frags of my blue millie , yellow millie, purple tip teal staghorn, blue ORA tort and a purple acro.