Frags for sale Many to chose from

Need to move some frags to make room and recoup recent hobby costs. trades will be considered. Local pickup MD 21655 or I can bring them to the November 18th meeting.

Keds reds? $1 a polyp

Pink and golds and Mohawk combo $15 pink and gold separate 1$ a polyp

Blowpops fully encrusted frag $15

Magicians 2 polyps $10

Green Fungia $10 4 available

Pink zoas/palys $15 smaller frags available for cheaper

Green Star Polyps $5 large piece

Radioactive dragon eyes 10+ polyps $10

Pink zoas/palys 2$ a polyp 15 available

Green bay packer fully encrusted frag $10 (multiple available)

Green Hairy mushroom $5 multiple avaiable

Green pavona $10 multiple available

Red people eaters $4 a polyp 2 and 3 polyp frags available

Jokers $5 a polyp 2 and 1 polyp frags available

Green people eaters 3 polyp frag $10 (3 available)

Green zoas 10+ polyps 10$ multiple available

Plutos 10+ polyp frag 15$ multiple available

King Midas zoas $5 a polyp 3 polyp minimum

Tyree Jedi Mind Trick Monti $15

Jason fox special porites $25

Blue kisses 10+ polyp frag $20 multiple available

Sorry that I had to post links I tried attaching the pics but was unable to. I also have more frags available than those listed. Have 100+ frags in tank right now. Thank you for looking and let me know if you have any questions.

DSC00133 by phubbard26, on Flickr

its not hard. just click on the URL address in photo bucket and its copied, then paste here.

blue kisses?

Ok Thanks. I was scratching my head and not getting anywhere.


Now I see them.

Let the selling and trading begin!

That’s a nice Baby Fungia!

Pm sent

Busa Reef,

PM replied.

If there is enough interest to warrent the drive. I can bring what people want to the next meeting on Nov 18th.

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PM replied.

[quote=“Patrickreef, post:12, topic:6810”]
If there is enough interest to warrent the drive. I can bring what people want to the next meeting on Nov 18th. [/quote]
If you are coming to the meeting I have intrest in a couple frags. Anyone else?

Scottman81 Sent you a PM.

If you are coming to the meeting I would like 1 pluto frag and 1 blue kisses frag.


Okay I will stick the 2 biggest of each aside for you.

For all interested parties I also have kenya trees available $5 for a piece that is at least 4in in length with many over 6in. Also available are candy cane caulestra 3$ a head with 1, 2 and 3 head pieces available.

Hi All,

I will be coming to the meeting on November 18th so I could bring them to anyone else who will be there. Also if the club was looking for a few extra frags for their give away or raffle at the meeting I could donate a few. Not sure how it works as this will be my first meeting but if you are a club officier let me know.

if you are coming to meeting i will take green star polyp