From Newbie to Experienced

Was just going through some old photos today and came across the 1st pictures I had ever taken when I got in to this hobby. Is amazing to go back and see where one started compared to where one has ended up. Of course I imagine I’ll do the same thing in another few years and think my current set-up is pitiful too.

I personally love the fake coral decorations.

Then I got a small bonus check and really went nuts.

Definitely a far cry from today’s tank.

I’m sure we’ve all got these photos laying on a hard drive somewhere. Let’s see some progress pics.

more to come




some more

Copy of 101_2469.JPG


Your definitely coming along Brett. You really have an eye for aquascaping that many of us dont. Nice tank!!

thanks, my mom usta yell at me for moving stuff around. lOl i had to of rearanged the tank at least 20 times. i rember one time we were going out to dinner and we had to wait like 10 extra for me.

[quote=“bz350, post:5, topic:890”]
thanks, my mom usta yell at me for moving stuff around. lOl i had to of rearanged the tank at least 20 times. i rember one time we were going out to dinner and we had to wait like 10 extra for me.[/quote]

10 Minutes? That’s nothing. I know I’ve made the family wait at least 2 hours for me to be done in the tank. I’ve had more nights that at 9 o’clock I saw something that would look better 2 inches to the right - and ended up going to bed at 2.

Aquascaping really does look nice, good job. I know a few members that would appreciate your help. lOl

well this is after the rock had been out of the water for like 20-40 min. in the next tank the scaping will be much better. not that this is bad but i could use a few mods. cant wait. PBJ!

Just a suggestion, That Fish Place sells the Nova Extreme 72’ 12 bulb T5 setup for $650, they have 30% off coupons you can use on one aquatic item. So with tax, it would bring it down to about $485. That would be my choice, T5s are very effective, run less energy, usually less heat and can run many different color combos by playing with different bulb temps. I’ve used everything, powercompacts, VHOs, T5s and halides, IMO I love T5s and would never use anything else.

Btw, heres a link

The fixture you linked to would using 32watts less than a good MH setup. Also, with 12 bulbs at an average of $20 each it would cost him $240 to replace bulbs as opposed to $120. I agree with the color combinations of T5, they cant be beat, but thats about the only advantage they have over MH besides the small savings in energy costs. People sucessfully keep acros under T5’s, ive seen some of the most beautiful SPS tanks kept under T5. However, they were also using high-end european fixtures with a HUGE array of bulbs. The other thing to keep in mind is that a 3 bulb MH setup would be ideal for a 6’ tank longterm, so the cost of the setup and energy cost would be more, but you should be able to get away with a 2 bulb setup for a quite a while.

Brett - there are pros and cons to each type of lighting. if its in your budget, you really want to think about investing in a system that you wont have to upgrade in the future when you able to keep lightdemanding corals. T5’s are simply the “cool” thing to do now. i speak from experience, ive had both T5’s adn MH. Ask eric and jon, i sold them my T5 setups >LOL< I struggled to keep SPS under a 6 X 54 T5 retro setup. Looking back i think the main cause was the salt creep on the reflectors which is going to be a fact of life with keeping T5’s T5’s or Mh will work for you, but do your homework first. Look at some tanks on RC and see what kind fo lighting they are using. Figure out what you think will work for you and go for it.

Oh yeah, another point DPS made, T5’s do run a LOT cooler than MH.

i would run at least 2 where can i get some from and how much?


at what store can i buy a fan from. regardless of what ever light i get i will still get a fan or 2 or what ever it takes to cool the lighting

Last week I went over to Andy’s house to help rearange some rock at around 9:30pm I left at 6:00am with two of his anemones which I had to set up a tank for when I got home. Can’t tell you how many time’s I told Steph I wouldn’t be up late and end up being up till 4-5am.

I’ve got to find pics of my first SW tank. Right now the pics are on my extrenal hard drive which says I don’t have permission to get to the files.

Oh. You can buy a fan just about anywhere in the summer. If its going to go under your stand then just about anything will work. I like mine because its all plastic.

Al you have a handle on this now?

when confirmed, please make a DECEMBER MEETING post in the discussion forum and perhaps on the home page, with address and mapquest. then i can cancel the bear library for that night. they might have some other group waiting.

700 Cornell DR.
Wilmington, De 19801

Monday Dec 15th at 7pm

Nice, I didnt even know we had a maintnace company around here.

I used to work part time with one up in Biddeford and they can get some pretty neat stuff in, it should be interesting to see.

Wow, nice area!

Only a few blocks from scenic southbridge! Everyone be sure to bring your kevlar! lOl