Hats off to Armco Aquatics 3 pics added

This letter is to inform you that Rich at Armco Aquatics did a superb job fixing my 300 gallon circular tank. The tank was cracked at the bottom from shipping. About 2 years ago, Ron from Seascape Designs attempted to fix it but failed in the worst way. Two weeks later, it started to leak again so lots of wasted time and $ plus all the materials he used were inadequate and sub-par. The pump he sold me wasn’t even marine ready !! What an IDIOT !!

In comes Rich, met him last year at the club meeting. Knew right away that Rich is the man for the job.
He even went to Vegas to talk to the people who built my tank and came back knowing exactly how to fix it.
It took many days and hard work but the job got done right and he also redesigned my filtration system by adding a sump in addition to my refugium for the 300 tank.
All in all, I could not be any happier with the results.
I’ll post pics of the tank tomorrow.
Thank you Rich, crew (Ben & Jason) and Keith (the wood guy). You have made my dream come true!!


Have not heard from you for a long time. Sounds like everything s good now. i wanna see some pics… hows the eel

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He even went to Vegas to…[/quote]
I wish I could write off a try to Vegas as a business expense.

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Here we go…

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Have not heard from you for a long time. Sounds like everything s good now. i wanna see some pics… hows the eel[/quote]

The Skeletor eel is doing great, eating like a pig every 3-4 days. I’ve noticed that it has grown thicker and a little longer.
The Golden Moray is also doing well, bigger and his spots are also darker.

Fantastic tank!

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Fantastic tank![/quote]


looks fantastic…too bad that isnt all real coral. are those led fixtures??? how do you like them?

very nice!!! its almost an exact minature version of Captain Nemo’s display tank!

too bad that isnt all real coral
your right, but in a system like that im sure it will make life a 1000 times easier! eels are notorious for making a mess of live corals not to mention that having fake corals puts the spotlight on the eels, where it belongs, and not the corals.

very true i agree 100%, i was meaning from a size standpoint, large colonies like that would be/are incredible. i can only imagine the damage an eel would do if those were real corals…im envisioning many broken pieces lol.

im envisioning many broken pieces lol.
so ive heard!

Very nice, I like. I wonder how it is cleaning coraline off a circular tank like that…

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looks fantastic…too bad that isnt all real coral. are those led fixtures??? how do you like them?[/quote]

Yes, they are. I bought these two 24" Solaris years ago and left them in the box till last month. Didn’t even know that they went out of business. It’s a shame because the lights are incredible as you see in the pic. I have set the day lights at only 20% and the blue lights at 40%. At 100%, they are too bright. Trying to keep algae down.
Cleaning algae is not going to be easy, I bought a Mighty Magnets and hopefully if I stay on top of it, coraline will not grow otherwise… I’m screwed !

I love the looks of the “fake coral” but I know the benefit of LR so that is why I have a 125 refugium and a 100 gallon sump with about 200 lbs of LR in between the two when all is set and done.

Also, the eels are not in that tank, they are in my other tank. This tank will only be for fish, like Tangs, Angels, Tusk, Dwarf Angels and 11- 3" Chromis that are already in there. These are the biggest Chromis I’ve ever seen, deep green with blue outlines. (from Vivid Aquariums)
They all seem to get along so far, no aggression towards each other or against the pair of Percula Clownfish I have in there.

Here is a picture of my fishroom, Armco still has to hook up a 65 gallon drum to a pump for easy water changes.

Very nice setup, good luck with it. PBJ! :BEER

Thats sweet.
Those LEDs seem to penetrate the water well. Hom many bulbs approx are there?

cool setup

Great Circular tank! that total walk around viewing is the best. something like the one i found at the Rain forest Cafe in AC on the boardwalk. i was playing tour guide for a visiting cousin and we dropped in for “refreshments” . I just sat at the bar and watched the fish swim round the tank. They have a bunch of big ones. and a full time marine biologist to care for them.
A photo at Rainforest Cafe

I guess that makes you the marine biologist at home.

Nice set up. yup, you can keep the lights lower and cut down the glass cleaning.

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Hom many bulbs approx are there?[/quote]

I didn’t see the tank or fixtures in person.(I’m more the lighting expert rather then plumbing and this job for Armco was more plumbing then anything) That being said the fixture has two “pods” I believe they are called and 30 bulbs in each pod.

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you can keep the lights lower and cut down the glass cleaning. [/quote]

The other advantage with LED lights is that they put light out in a specific spectrum. For instance while a 14k MH bulb may peak at 14k we all know different companies bulbs overall look different. This is because they put out a small amount of light at many color temperatures, just more in some spectrum then others. LEDs can be specifically focused to grow plants, grow corals, or reflect off fake ones. This means we’ll be able to see pretty corals, but the light spectrum required to grow algae may be absent. In short LEDs can make the tank pretty and grow corals without growing pest algaes.(In theory)
This being said I know the solaris aren’t perfectly focused and will grow some algae if the nutrients are present and/or chemistry is off. Solaris were the first generation of commercially available LED lighting “designed” to grow corals. We shall see what the new models from many other companies released in the last couple of months will do.

LED’s are a bit out of options seeing as the patent is and has been in question, but as i’ve read in some articles is that Bill may LOVE the new LIFI lighting comming out, fantastic penetration, damn good par and lux per watt… and the energy savings as well as bulb lasting 6 years rather than 6 months vs other lighting…